Thursday, 4 March 2010

Do i deserve it?

Sometimes we hear these comments in church: "Look, she’s new to the church and was blessed already”," I do not understand, I have so many years in the church and they never count on me for anything, I feel useless”, "It’s not fair, so young and with so many responsibilities. "
Many think that they will get something from God because of all the time they have been in church, or because they deserve something from God, but God's blessings are conquered by faith.
Look at the history of Rahab, she was a prostitute, she did not know the God of Israel. Apparently she wasn’t worthy of anything.
When the men of God needed her help, then at that moment she had the opportunity to use her faith, risking her own life to help God’s people.
Let's look back at the life of Rahab.
Rahab, life without faith - lived in Jericho and was a prostitute.
Rahab, acts of faith:
-helped Joshua's spies, hid them and helped them leave the city without being seen by the soldiers of the King
- She trusted that the spies were part of God's people, who would take possession of her city, Jericho and destroy it.
-She obtained the promise that because of her act of kindness, her and her family would be free from death, when God's people came back to take possession of the city.
-She did what she had promised the people of God and by her act of faith she and her family were saved from the destruction of Jericho.
Rahab lived in Israel for the rest of her life, she married Salmon and was the mother of Boaz, who married Ruth, mother of Obed who gave birth to Jesse, David's father, who is the Lord Jesus descendant .
Who knew Rahab would connected to the Lord Jesus, all this she conquered through faith.
Rahab, a life of faith - lived in Israel, was a wife and a mother.
We all have had a before and after, what marks the point of passage is when we find our faith.
To use your faith it does not require a special requirement, just believe and the miracle happens.
No matter who you are, or what your past was, God is just waiting for you to use your faith, so that her can begin to manifest himself in your life.



Hello maam! My name is Melody, from UCKG Philippines. It's true. I am 23 years old and 5 years in UCKG and I've learned that God's ways are always right. Whatever blessing we receive is something personal.. which took probably a great deal of personal sacrifice and everyone who has faith can do that, regardless of how long or how short our time of attendance in the church.

Daise said...

Finding our faith is a vital step to take, after that things and responsibilities within the church flow into our lives. Ive been int he UCKG for a year now, but it is only now that I have decided to take a step ahead and find my faith and therefore God has made me useful to help other youths that are currently in the position that I once was without finding my faith. After finding ourselves with God and believing that we can do it, He will know the right time to give us the blessing.

Daise Quental

Daise said...

Yes this is true, it is only when we find our faith that we are eligible to take part in the work of God, I have been in the UCKG for a year, but it is only now that I have decided to take things serious and find my faith, and now, God has decided to help me to help other youth that are in the position that I once was in (without using my faith).

Daise Quental

Bulelwa said...

Dear Mrs. Tania

We should always use our faith and depend on God and not on material things.

cphosethu said...

The same way that Rahab used her faith is the way that God wants us to use in order to conquering what we want...Supernatural faith conquers all things.

Thank you Mrs Tania

Jennifer V said...

faith can be used without condition but yet again it depends on us.
God uses those that are willing and open to be used by him.

Candace Johnson said...

Thank you mrs Tania, this is article speak volumes to me, we received nothing from God because we deserve it is all by faith!

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