Thursday, 25 February 2010

Admirable Women

These are women who have their jobs, their professions, others work and study, and they have their homes and families.
They work outside, and when they come home, they have to provide for the welfare of their families and the good progress of their homes.
Many of these women confront struggles at work, at home, and all is because of their faith.
What makes them admirable is that they also set time apart to serve God; these women are the helpers of the Universal Church.
In addition to taking care of their own homes, they take care of the house of God, seeing every detail, taking care of the children, so that the parents can participate in the services peacefully; they evangelize, clean the church, serve those who need spiritual help, give a word of encouragement, or simply attend those in need to be heard.
Without them, we would not have proper condition of receiving so many people in the church, and care for all of them with special attention; they are fundamental in the work of God and to the growth of the Kingdom of Heaven.
Everything they do is out of love, for they felt God's calling, came forward, and prepared themselves to win souls.
They are not awarded with anything material, but God’s reward for them will be great; they may not get fame, or have their names written on a wall or on any mural, but they are certainly very special to God.
I want to make this small tribute to the female helpers of the IURD worldwide, for their spiritual services and dedication in the courts of the Lord.
Keep serving the Lord with enthusiasm and fervor and He will reward you all.
Obs.: In this picture some of the female helpers of the Cathedral in Miami, USA, the church where I am today.


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Ann said...


Would you please let me know why you deleted my comment?

Don't you know the Scriptures? God does not live in buildings made by human hands - God lives in believers' hearts.

The church building is not the house of God; it's a place where people meet to worship God.

Check out the Scriptures.


Gruchenska said...

love this!! :)

Tania Rubim said...

It is true, God do not live in the wall, but the Church is God’s house, house of pray where people gather to seek Him.
There are many words in the Scriptures that refer the Church as a God’s house.
Also God mentioned the following:

“ ‘It is written’ ‘he said to them’, ‘My house will be a house of prayer’; but you have made it ‘a den of robbers’.” Luke 19:46

2 Chronicles 3:3; 2 chronicles 31:21; Isaiah 56:7

In faith,

Sibz said...

There is nothing better than serving God and being used by God to reach out and save the lost.

Anonymous said...

ana you are very aggressive, for a christian woman, you are entitled to your own opinion but you come across as hostile.

may god bless, you.
England, uk

Anonymous said...

I agree, I do admire the helpers of the church, they were there to assist me when I first walked into the church for the first time, they took time out to sit and talk with me. They looked after me and helped me during my first baby steps to knowing God and using my faith.

ms guni,england said...

I agree with this post those women helped me hen I was suffering.

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