Sunday, 14 March 2010

Actions that Contribute to a Divorce

  1. There are secrets (you guys are not best friends) – The wife always looks for a friend, someone who she can share her secrets with, and that friend should be her husband, who you are going to be with rest of your life. There should be no secrets between husband and wife.
  2. You maintain a friendship with someone of the opposite sex - when your best friend is another man this is a problem. This causes jealousy and conflict between the couple.
  3. Problems between the two, that were not resolved – when the problems are dragged on for days, and even years, the marriage is bound to be ruined. Never let problems, no matter how small they maybe to linger. Talk about it and come to an agreement as soon as possible.
  4. Crisis in the couples’ intimacy life- this is the first sign that things are not going well, problems begin to arise and the couple begins to distance themselves from each other.
  5. There is no respect – there is no consideration from one partner to the other, this is a problem because how can there be love where there is no respect?
  6. Selfishness – each one wants to benefit, they both have their own necessities and desires, forgetting that we show our love when we give.
  7. There is no communication – the couple doesn’t talk anymore, there is no joy in talking and sharing their emotions anymore and this is negative. If there is no communication, how will you ever fix your problems?
  8. Family is involved – problems always exists when parents, brothers and sisters get involved with the couples problems, because on of you will not accept it.
  9. Infidelity – when there is infidelity for sure the marriage does not have much of a future. The infidelity will break the trust and will bring disrespect and sadness. When this happens the couple begins to distance themselves from each other and there are many fights.
  10. Verbal offenses – many times couples have a hard time dealing with certain emotions. Rage is one of them. In the heated argument many verbal offenses are said that hurt and later there is no way to erase them. This begins to separate the couple and debilitate the relationship.


Anonymous said...

The most important thing in a marriage is the sexual relationship.

If the sexual relationship is satisfying for both partners there is not much that can go wrong in the marriage.

The sexual act should be selflessly entered into frequently, and if it is you won't be tempted to look at another man/woman; you will always feel close as a couple; you will feel relaxed as the sexual act of reaching orgasm will calm your nervous systems.

Of course there are other things that are important in a marriage, but for me this is tops.

Diana said...

A pleasant afternoon. I agree that if we have a person that we want them to be our future husband or wife the very thing to do is to reveal ourseles to that person because there will the trust would start. Also the respect will bloom, coz the other would really feel our honesty and sincerity toward them. Thank you for this post . Dian frombphilippines

Natalia said...

In my oppinion I believe that your husband have to be your best friend because you spend all your life with that person and probably have kids, so he should be your confidential, I dont think that is only attraction and sex, yes that helps and make the relationship be in a better standing but having communication is very important in a relation, and I believe that we should talk any doubts or anything that bothers us in the realtion to have a better marriage.

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