Sunday, 21 February 2010


You look to your closet and think that nothing else fits. Sometimes, when you organize your clothes in a better way, you find more space in your closet.
Something important is to separate your clothes by color and by parts.
Before you start, separate clothes and shoes of the season; those you will not be using for now, and put them away in dark bags, this protects the clothes from turning yellow.
Do not store items that were used without washing them first; they would be ruined.

Let’s organize:

1. The hangers should be of good quality. Choose them all of the same color; your closet will look prettier.
2. Separate your closet by sectors:
a. The longer pieces such as: suits dresses and tunics together,
b. Then shirts and jackets, then,
c. Pants and skirts
Boxes and divisions are ideal for putting small items such as lingerie stockings, shirts and shorts.

The bottom of the closet can be used for shoes.
You may use boxes with clear windows that would allow you to see the shoes without having to open every box.
Place the boxes one on top of the other.
Another option is labeling the boxes.

Divisions are good to accommodate purses.
Keep the paper fillings that come inside when you buy the bag.
Organize them following a pattern of size and color.

Small Parts

Gloves, scarf’s and hats.
If you have drawers you can put them together, or hang them in the closet.
Create an accessory to hang belts or place them in a pretty box.

If you use mothballs do not let them touch your clothes. Place them inside old socks.
Use Sachets (perfumed bags) in the drawers and in between the hangers.
Our clothes are personal objects, which reflect our mood and our personality.


Sibz said...

I like this its very helpful and i will be posting it on my facebook for others to see and do also. God bless you


MELODY, UCKG Philippines

Hello Mrs. Tania,

I have this posted on my FB. Thanks. I've been reading and enjoying ur blogs.


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