Thursday, 18 February 2010

Tips for married women:

Some ideas of how to support your husband, and make your marriage a blessing.
Praise your husband - every human being likes to receive compliments, it motivates them and gives them value. Plus it costs nothing. Prov 3:27
Encourage your husband - all human beings need an incentive. A good word out of your mouth can help your husband to meet the challenges of life. Prov 31:26
Take care of your marriage - you may not have noticed, marriage is sacrifice; It always must be accompanied by prayer. Take care of every detail of your marriage. As a wife, seek to care for your husband, by respecting and showing him love and affection. Ephesians 5:33
Take care of your family - the husband of the wife in Proverbs 31 is a man of influence in the workplace and the community because his wife is an influential woman at home. The wife must take care of meals, schedules, clothes and of course for their children. 1 Timothy 3:4,5
Take care of your home - call for the Grace of God to help you take care of the household work and the unexpected challenges of life. Ask God to help you enjoy taking care of your home so that everything can be in order. Prov 31:27
Take care of your finances - your wise money management will help your husband to prosper. The wise woman cuts costs, to increase the reins of her family.
Give your husband freedom- when he needs to work late, rather than complaining, pray to God and ask him to help you cope with the situation. Pray for your husband and show understanding.
Support his dreams - Whatever your husband's profession is, and place where he works; always dedicate yourself to support him in whatever he needs, rather than scorning or making his dreams look ridiculous.
Understand that your behavior is reflected in him - You and your husband must stay together as one, managed together facing all the problems and challenges, all the events and concerns, all the dreams that are part of the lives of both.


Karen said...

yes, this is true about marriage, wife and husband! i have learned because i could say i've learned from my mistakes. this has taught me because i've had difficulty in my marriage, i have learned that there are many ways of improving my marriage and with Jesus, by my side and I will be victorious.

Karen Nunez
Hialeah, Fl

Anonymous said...

Hi Mrs. Tania, is true marriage is a sacrifice, sometimes it is not easy. I have learned that I have to give, give and give as much as I can, though it is not easy sometimes but I have to for the sake of my marriage. I have to PRAY and show UNDERSTANDING.

Thanks you.

Claudia U said...

Thanks for the tips Mrs.Tania there helpful. Also it's true merrige is a sacrafise but with Jesus with me he will never leave me and everything is more easier he will always be there to help us.

Anonymous said...

marriage sure is hard work.

england uk

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