Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Daily Cleaning of your Bedroom

Open the bedroom, the curtains and windows to ventilate. Fold curtains inward so the sun does not wear out the color.
Everything must be in its proper place and never just thrown around the bedroom.
Fix the bed and extend the quilt/ duvet on top.
Put the pajamas away
Fix the drapes elegantly
Dust furniture and objects using a handkerchief with a proper cleaning product for furniture. Return all objects to the same place.
Vacuum if the bedroom floor has carpet.
Use a damp cloth with the proper cleaning product, if the floor is wood or ceramic.
The mats should be shaken outside and then put back in their place.
Look from afar to see if everything is harmonious and spray a nicely scented home spray. The bedroom should be warm, nicely fragranced and beautiful.


Anonymous said...

Ok, what about if you have to live your home at six in the morning and just come back at 8PM? Should I do it at night? What about the dinner? Who's going to take care of it?

Tania Rubim said...


If you do not have the opportunity to do it every day, keep everything in place and make a good weekly cleaning.
God Bless

Nokuthula Jean said...

I need to invest in good storage compartments, so that everything is in its place :-)

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