Sunday, 24 January 2010

Reflections to make before saying "Yes" on the Altar

  • Reflect if during your dating period there were any type of physical or verbal aggressions; if there were signs of possessive jealousy or disrespect.
  • Be attentive to small details, they are warnings; they should never be overlooked.
  • Verify if he is a person of good nature; meet his family, friends, places of interest, and get to know his past.
  • Observe how he treats his family, if he respects and treats his parents well; because in the way he treats them, he will treat you.
  • The decision of marriage should be made because there is love; it should never be for money, to get out of your parents house, or to try to reach any other objective.
  • Verify if the person whom you are going to marry lives the same faith as you.
  • See if there is any doubt in relation to the character or conversion of this person; sometimes they are a member of the church, but they are not converted to Jesus Christ; later on, this will be an obstacle in your faith.
  • Verify if your objectives in life are the same for both of you, if you share the same dreams.
  • Age needs to be compatible; it is not good if the man is younger than the woman, so there can be a balance in the maturity level.
It is very important to use wisdom in choosing that person who will be living with you forever. Ask God to prepare this special person for you, and know how to wait on Him.


Gemma Leon UK said...

Thanks for these helpful tips Mrs Tania – especially the first one, which isn’t always talked about. Soe jealousy is natural if you know what I mean but when it gets over the top it is suffocating. I’ve been in a relationship where my boyfriend didn’t even want me to speak to other men! Absurd! It was only afterwards that I realised that this was a sign of his deep seated insecurities.

AmatesClau said...

This tips is so helpful for those that are finding or their in relationship because this is actually true and should take the advice so later it wont affect their faith.Thanks Mrs.Tania

Raisa Veras said...

This is so true. All of these tips should be well looked at before marriage. If not, then we are looking at a troubled marriage. Thanks for the tips.

Anonymous said...

I like that you touched on the money part as most girls actually are attracted to money and do over look the physical abuse as long as they have money.

Karen Nunez said...

These tips are perfect for women who are getting married, because it's hard to go through what is to come in the future. I say this because of experience in my marriage. Always ask God to mold and prepare that special person for the future.

Chelcia Tavares said...

thank you so much Mrs. Tania for the tips there are very important for me that i will get married soon . i will pay more attention

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