Wednesday, 20 January 2010

I want to receive The Holy Spirit

Some youth have approached me at church wanting to know the steps they should take in order to receive The Holy Spirit.
Take a look at the list below and put your best effort into it, because God is the most interested in you receiving His Spirit.
  1. Abandon the things that are not of God, everything that goes against His Word.
  2. Forget your past and do not condemn yourself for the mistakes you have made, and don’t think that you are not worth it.
  3. Repent and take the decision to get baptized in water, and start a new life with God.
  4. Flee from friends that endanger your faith and that are a negative influence for your life, leading you to do or say things that are against Gods will.
  5. Try to surround yourself as much as possible with people of the same faith; these people will help you spiritually grow closer to God.
  6. Seek without desisting; show God that He is the first priority in your life, more important than your family, friends or material possessions, and that you want to receive His Holy Spirit more than anything else.
  7. Start a spiritual purpose such as; fasting, a prayer at midnight , something that shows God that you are really interested in His Spirit.
Know that God wants us to be His testimony so that He may be glorified and so that you can live a new life.
God bless you.


Daise said...

I’m a youth that is in the process of receiving The Holy Spirit, I was little unmotivated to be honest. But this post has lifted me up and also given me a different inspiration of approach and actions to take in order to receive The Holy Spirit. Thank you for the post.

Daise Quental

Lluvial Godfrey said...

Revisiting steps like these is very useful because we can never be too filled. There is always room for more of the Holy Spirit and we must always make sure that we do these things daily so that we can always grow.

naomi boketsu said...

Thank you mrs tania this post has inspired me to keep seeking the Holy spirit.Thank you and God bless

Thumeka Jezile said...

Thank You Mrs Tania

This message taught me that as i want to serve God with my Life I should show him, how much i really want ti serve him with my life.

Laurine Moyo said...

Thank you

When we want the Holy Spirit we have to seek him with persistence and show him that he is our priority and there is nothing more important to us.

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