Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Do it first!

A long time ago, a Young woman called Lin got married and went to live with her husband and her mother in law. After only a few days, her situation with her started to get difficult. Both personalities were very different and Lin got easily irritated because of the habits displayed by the mother in law, who was constantly criticizing her. Months went by, and the fights and arguments with Lin and her mother in law were from bad to worse. According to an old Chinese tradition, the daughter in law has to take care of the mother in law and obey her in everything. But Lin was already at the end of her wit, and decided to pay a visit to a wise man, friend of her father’s, to help her end this situation .
After he listened all about Lin’s ordeal, he fixed a package with some herbs and said to her “You should not use them all at once to get rid of her immediately, because this will be suspicious. You will dose them a little at a time, which they will slowly poison her. Season her food every two days, using only a few herbs. Now, to be certain that when she dies nobody could blame you for her death, be very careful and act nice and amiable with her. Do not fight and argue, help her to solve her problems. Remember, you have to listen to me and follow all my instructions very carefully.” Lin agreed and said: “Yes, Mr. Huang, I will do all you have asked me to do.” Lin was very happy; she thanked Mr. Huang and went back home very quickly to begin the important project of killing her mother in law.
A few weeks went by, and every two days, Lin would serve a meal especially treated for her mother in law. She was always careful about what Mr. Huang advised her concerning all possible implications; this way she controlled her temper, obeying her and got to the point of treating her as she would treat her mother.
After six months, the whole house was completely changed. Lin had managed to completely control her temper and she did not hate her mother in law any more. In all those months, they did not have one argument. Her mother in law was nicer with Lin, and it was much easier to deal with her. The attitudes of the mother in law also changed and both of them were treating each other like mother and daughter.
One day Lin went to visit Mr. Huang to ask for his help again, and said to him: “Dear Mr. Huang, Please help me to stop the death of my mother in law by that poison. She is now a wonderful person and I love her as if she were my mother. I do not want her to die.”
Mr. Huang smiled softly, and said: “Lin, you do not have to worry, the herbs I gave you were all vitamins. All of them helped her to be healthier. The poison was in your mind, in your attitude towards her, but all that was casted out and substituted by the love you gave her.
”There is a rule in China that goes like this: “The person, who loves others, will also be loved.”


Evelyn Higginbotham said...

Nice story!

Gemma Leon UK said...

I love this post. It is such a good example of how when we make the first sacrifice, everything around us changes.

Lluvial Godfrey said...

In a way I find this funny because there are people that I have found to be intolerable but with kind gestures towards them my perception of them really changed. We can wait for ages for people to change but if we don't change first they will have no reason to.

cphosethu said...

Nice one.....i love it

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