Friday, 5 May 2017

Which of the 3 are you guided by?

Have you ever stopped to think about by whom have you been guided? We always ask God to guide us, but do we allow the Holy Spirit to take control of our lives? These are questions that should not be left unanswered. Let's then analyze by who you have been guided:
·      By the Spirit of God
·      By your heart (your feelings)
·      By your flesh (your sinful will)
Those who submit to the Holy Spirit and allow themselves to be guided by Him, are certainly the ones who get it right because they never place their will or feelings above the purposes of God.
They recognize that God is prepared to guide them and does not need any help, after all He is God. These people are subjected to the word of God because they are aware that whoever obeys and lives within biblical standards is protected and safe. So:
·      They deny their flesh
·      They do what is right and not what they feel like doing
·      They obey God, even if His will is not in accordance with their will
·      They are aware that God knows the best way so He can guide them
·      Those guided by the Spirit remain within the plans of God
Now those who let themselves be guided by their heart always suffer, make wrong decisions and make mistakes constantly. They are deceived since the Bible says that our heart is extremely corrupt, who will know it? We don’t even know it!
Sentimental and emotional people do not usually use reason. Since everything is based on what they feel, their decisions, choices and attitudes are guided by their greatest enemy; the one she/he insists to obey and that has only caused her sorrows: her heart. They’re the ones that:
·      Play the victims
·      Stay with someone because they fall in love but do not see that she/he does not suit them
·      Solve their problems crying or screaming
·      Speak without thinking about the consequences of their words
·      Get hurt easily
·      If they feel like going to church or reading the Bible, they do it; if not they won’t do it
·      Make choices for what they feel and not for their intelligent faith
Finally, we have those who are guided by the flesh. Everything they feel like doing, they do it; even if it costs them dearly and risks their salvation.
It doesn’t matter what comes next. What matters is to satisfy their desires now. The flesh always speaks louder; she/he prefers to be carried away than to control their fleshly desires. This way sin has dominion over them.
To be guided by the flesh means to say yes to all your desires, although you know that the consequences will come, and you’ll be subjected to all of them.
·      They follow their uncontrolled desires, and live according to the needs of the flesh
·      The important thing is to satisfy the flesh, they want to please themselves
·      What the flesh asks for they give without thinking twice
·      They desire the pleasures of the world and do not fight to overcome them.
Let us not allow the heart or the desires of the flesh blind our understanding. This would be like signing our death certificate. I leave you this word to meditate:
“To be carnally minded is death, but to be spiritually minded is life and peace, for the carnal mind is hostile toward God, for it is not subject to the law of God, nor indeed can it be, and those who are in the flesh cannot please God.” Romans 8: 6-8


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