Monday, 8 May 2017


We all go through sad moments. Sometimes it is a personal problem, sometimes it’s because we feel someone else's problem. Struggles, hardships and tribulations we all experience. What cannot happen is that we allow sadness to be above our faith and trust in God.
How many people who were eager in faith, when they experienced a problem became discouraged in such a way that they gave up God? The sadness managed to overshadow their faith and God who was everything in their life, now represents nothing.
If people are angry or disappointed, they blame God for their problems and don’t want to seek Him anymore.
This shows that the love from these people to God was conditioned by circumstances. When everything went well she loved Him, she sought Him, she was glad to go to church, but now with what happened she turned her back completely. Sometimes even inside the church she is far from the Lord; there is anger against Him.
Be careful my friends! We cannot fall into the error of being selfish. God will always be God and we His servants. Our dedication to Him and our fear must stay the same in good and bad moments. From this also depends our salvation!
In sorrow David sought God: “My soul collapses on account of grief; strengthen me according to Your word.” Psalm 119:28
What about you, my friend? Have you ever let sadness drive you away from the presence of God? Share this experience with us!


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