Tuesday, 23 May 2017

I cannot make friends!

Many people find it difficult to make friends; others seem to push other people away by their way of being or acting. See if you have some of the features below that may cause others not to be your friends.
1.     Shyness - If you have difficulty approaching people, and talking to them, then it is difficult to make friends.

2.     Selfishness - A person who thinks only of herself; only wants to receive and never gives, can never be a good friend.

3.     Criticize - To criticizing everything your friends do is very unpleasant, be understanding and do not judge.

4.     Inattentive - When your friends need you most you are never there to help, in reality you just want to share the good times and never make yourself present in difficult times.

5.     Implication - Always making nasty comments that hurt and is out of place.

6.     Annoying - Never agrees with anything, it not cheerful, on the contrary she is always against everything.

7.     Not open to new friends - you just want to have one friend; you close yourself to new friends, and do not let people approach you.

8.     You are very suspicious - maybe because you had a bad experience in the past now you don’t trust anyone, you don’t think any person will offer you a sincere friendship. You simply think that they will use you and then make you suffer.

9.     Indiscretion – By being indiscreet you are not trustworthy, so people do not want to be your friends.

10.  Bad Mood - no one takes pleasure in being around a person who is always grumpy. It is very unpleasant to live with someone who always has a long face and never smiles. Be careful because this kind of behavior drives people away from you.


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