Wednesday, 15 March 2017

I know what's best for me.

Hey girls, how are you? What a pleasure it is to be here with you today and I would like to begin by asking you a question: Imagine that you have a lot of stomach pain that you feel like you are going to faint and you do not know why, and on the right side of your house there is a hospital with the best doctor in town who can take care of you for free and on the left is your neighbor who always recommends home remedies for everyone. Which of the two would you trust your life with the most? The doctor or the neighbor?

I think everyone answered with the doctor, right? Obviously, he studied for that, prepared himself years to treat people and the remedy he recommends, will surely help and will end the pain... what about the neighbor??? lol

This is exactly how many young people have lived in our days. They believe that they know what they are doing, that they have the right "home remedy" for themselves, they prefer to learn from their own mistakes, and unfortunately, when they realize it, they have lost so much time of their lives because of pride, thinking they know better... but an intelligent young man understands that there is a greater and more powerful Being who wants to guide him through the right paths to give the blessed and happy life that one day he will desire.

Our lives depend on our decisions. If a young man is intelligent and humble, he will recognize that the best thing to do is to depend on God, to obey His commandments, and not think that doing what he wants, he will be enjoying life. The intelligent young man knows how to stop and think, looks at his surroundings, sees how are the lives of those who are "living a crazy life"  and hears the cries of those who once arrived in the Church destroyed by the wrong decisions they have made in the past. An intelligent young man sees all this and decides to go the right way, not following everyone! He prefers to put his life in the hands of God, because he understands that God is the being that knows all things, sees all things and knows what is best for him. How can we not fully trust in Him? Only a person who does not have this understanding, would not surrender himself to the One who KNOWS ALL AND LOVES US SO MUCH!!! Do you think God wants our misfortune? Do you think God wants to see us suffering? Will God try to stop us from doing a certain thing simply because He is angry at us and because He can? No friends, when God says NO! It is because He knows that what we want will do us harm... It is wise to just follow and obey Him.

What about you, my friend, have you been a wise girl? What did you understand with this message? I will be waiting for your response, okay?

A big kiss and may God bless you abundantly. Until next week. Kisses

Juliana Furucho


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