Friday, 16 September 2016

Second important step

Hey girls, how are you? Caring for our spiritual life should be at the top of our list, that's why we will be talking about these steps so important that Jesus taught us.

The second step is: to read the Bible. I know many will say they do not understand, there is no time to read it or they don't like to read, etc. Let me tell you something friends, to read the Bible goes far beyond just reading letters, reading the Bible is to hear the beautiful voice of our God; It is to travel in the teachings; It is to talk to our Lord! What do you mean Ju? I will show you today how I read the Bible. First, I read the Bible at a time when I am in silence, preferably alone (but if I have a moment where I'll be waiting for something I can read for example if I am in the waiting room at the dentist, or when I'm in church, before the meeting I also take time to read #thereisthetip); I say a prayer asking God to speak to me, to give me ears to hear and wisdom to understand His will; I read carefully every word, I pay attention to every detail and punctuation and I try to imagine myself at that time. I use my imagination to get an idea of ​​what is being said there in what I'm reading, even when I read about heaven, I imagine how beautiful, perfect, pure and great it is. I imagine the throne of God and enjoy every detail that the Bible gives us to support my imagination. To read calmly and attentively is essential for us to understand, and for us to have an interest to read it, to have this thirst to know God's will is what will move our Savior to reveal to us His Word. Girls, how wonderful it is! How glorious, what a privilege it is to know that our mighty God wants to talk to us.

I usually say that when we pray, we talk to God, and when we read the Bible, He answers our prayers. It is a conversation with him. And what he wants most is to be able to have this intimacy with us, to be able to speak through His word and we have the spiritual ears to understand Him. And the more we read, we feel stronger, we understand the will of God, we are molded according to His will and we will be more like our God. Of course the devil does everything to steal our time to read the Bible. He brings distractions, laziness and brings up excuses that you don't like to read everything is a stumbling block for those who do not prioritize or not yet understand the importance of reading the Bible. And even if you don't like to read, make an effort to read it anyway, because now you know how important it is to read the Bible and to maintain your relationship with God. It is not enough to just pray, pray and pray... In other words, just talk, talk and talk... in a relationship there has to be communication: you talk and you listen too. God is like that: we pray and He answers us through His word.

Let's take care of our spiritual life friends. Separate a moment of your day to read and meditate on God's word. It is not to read a lot, but meditate a lot. Seek to understand what God wants to to talk to you; It is to preserve what He told you; It is to practice what you have learned. This is to maintain your relationship with God.

So Step 1: Pray. Step 2: read the Bible. And what will be the 3rd step? Next week I'll tell lol. And please leave here your comments about these steps, if they are helping you. Your comments blesses me too. ;)

A big kiss to all and until next week. God bless you.
Juliana Furucho
Translated by: Tatia Oliveira


Kembola Estelle said...

Hello, I love your advice because they are a good reminder of how to preserve and better my relationship with God. So simple but yet so useful. And I cannot accept excuses like I don't have time to read it. Thank you miss Juliana

Kabelo Tswaana said...

Hello Ju,these steps are very helpful to me because this is exactly what I desire,To sustain my salvation in the hands of God, to have strong relationship with him,and through these steps I learn more on how to sustain it.
Thanks very much,God bless.

Mary-Jane Spandiel said...

Hi Mrs. Juliana
I must say that everytime that I read your posts I always learn something new. What stood out for me today is that many times we speak to God and wonder why he doesn't answer our Questions and doubt but as a matter of fact he does but because we don't read and MEDITATE on his word we are unable to know what he wants from us as an individual.
So its very essential that I have that moment with him because the same way that he listens to us he wants us to listen to Him. Because the moment we speak tobhim about our hardships, trails,frustrations he also wants to strengthen ad guide us but above all to build a Strong relationship with him.Eventually when we go through hardship he will be my strength as his words comforts us ....

Thank you so much. God bless

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