Friday, 9 September 2016

3 Very Important Steps

Recently I was talking to my husband about some things I learned as a child, my parents taught me when I was still very young and I would like to share them with you today.

One of the things I learned at a very young age is to pray. I know that all of you might say, "Oh come on, we all know how to pray." But I'm not talking about praying just for praying, but to talk to God. I learned that when we pray we should empty our minds of anything else and elevate our thoughts to God. I usually imagine myself before the throne of my Lord, talking with him making sure that he's there, listening. I don’t mean repetitive words, but I mean to say what is within me, with all honesty, because God knows me much better than I know myself. Prayer is to talk with your best friend, it is that time where you are who you are; it is the time where we unburden everything on God.  We cry, we smile, we are thankful, we unload our concerns on God; We ask in someone’s favor; we praise Him and seek the Holy Spirit… this is the prayer that pleases God when it comes out of our mouths with all sincerity.

The habit of praying  makes us stronger people because the more we fill our thoughts with the things of God, the more we talk to God, the more intimacy we have with Him. It is not so with our relationships? The more we talk to our friends, the closer we become  and we even learn their own ways, gestures and their personalities... In our love life is the same way: the more we talk to our husbands, the more intimate we become… Everyone knows that a  marriage without communication is a marriage doomed to failure. Likewise is our relationship with God, without communication (prayer) there is no other way to sustain it...

Have you realized that the devil has been doing everything to create many distractions, many entertainment to fill every second of our lives to the point of not having time to pray? And that's where we should watch. We have to prioritize the things of God and not let anything interfere with our time to invest in the things of our Lord. Of course we will always have many things to do everyday, but it is up to us to put everything in their place. When we truly love Jesus, we have the pleasure to talk to Him, we have the pleasure to be there at that moment in tune with Him because He is first in our lives, our true love, The most important… So it is not difficult to prioritize Him. But if the person puts everything and everyone else before Jesus, how does she wants Him to answer her prayers if the time she spends with Jesus is not quality? Is it fair?

No friends, so invest in your relationship with God, create the habit of talking to Him. When you first wake up, thank Him; before you eat, thank Him; before you make any decisions, ask God’s guidance; before you leave home, ask for His protection. Depend on God for everything and you will see that your prayers will be answered... Let's pray more and complain less!

Next week I will write about the second step.

A big kiss to you and until next week. God bless you.
Juliana Furucho
Translated by: Tatia Oliveira


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