Thursday, 11 August 2016

Self pity

Hello friends, how are you? Have you noticed that when we go through a difficult time, a struggle, the hardships of life, our first reaction is to cry?

I know it's not pleasant to go through difficult times, I know it well, but our reactions toward the problems is what will define how long we will have to fight in order to win. What do you mean? If a problem comes and we give in, we begin to whine, to cry and murmur, then the solution will take longer to come or it may never come. But on the other hand, if we cry (yes, because we are women and feelings soon appear, right? Unfortunately lol) we feel sad, but right after we respond, we use our faith and of course we send fire to the devil, ordering  him to leave, then the answer comes faster.
Read this verse with me:“So the LORD said to Joshua: “Get up! Why do you lie thus on your face?”  (Joshua 7:10)

Israel had lost a battle and Joshua did not know why and so he fell on his knees disappointed  and sad before the Ark of the Lord and complained to God, until God answered him with the verse above. In other words, God does not want us to be crying because of a situation, whimpering and murmuring, God will not feel sorry for us if we cried more, or even if we tried to get to Him with moving words, God does not act out of pity, but on faith. So God said to Joshua, get up! He expects us to take an act of faith, of revolt against the situation  and against the devil. We have to rise up and resolve the problem, yes, us, and God will take us straight to the solution.

I know that when we are young, our emotions are sharpened so to  think and to reason is difficult, but possible!! Sometimes it is necessary to go in our room or even in the bathroom, raise our hands and send fire to the devil and his demons and command them to leave us and go to hell in the name of Jesus. We have to use our faith with anger against the devil and command him to leave. Use the sadness and the tears to burn the devil, because he wants to see us crying and suffering, no, he is the one who has to take all the suffering and fire because in our lives he does not have a place.

Of course we can't only be burning the devil and do nothing. God told Joshua to get up and look for the person responsible. The same way has to be with us, we also have to stand up and seek for the solution of the problem with the help of God. If it is lack of a job, we have to go get it in faith or ask God for a new direction. If the problem is with your parents and family members, change your behavior at home, do your part to be a good daughter, use your  faith and consecrate a bottle of water and put in the juice for everyone to drink; if it is a hidden sin, confess it to God, repent and don't do it again... and so on.

Friends, we have to be women of faith and of action, and not emotional,  who want to draw God’s attention(and sometimes people) with a little self pity. Don’t look for anyone's pity, a woman of God does not want the pity of God, whether the answer she knows will get through her faith! Enough with the crying and the murmurs, ok? It does not get us anywhere! But true faith, with the cry out of revolt, commanding the devil to get  out and going to fight, this is what brings the results that we want.

A big kiss to all and until next week. Kisses

Juliana Furucho


Lerato Maidi said...

Thank you very much for the message.
And I proclaim today that I am a woman of faith and action!!!

Tshedimogo L Kgositladi said...

before people i would pretend to be a hard core no problem breaks me but alone i would cry and question why or justify my reasons with my past experience but as i red this i am ashamed of mysel. Anyway i plan to use this message as a turning point of my life.

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