Thursday, 9 June 2016

Mother, have you known how to advise?

Hello darlings, how are you? Since we are in the fasting of Daniel let's take advantage to invest in our communion with Him. And take more time to read the blogs add to our lives. Many mothers have fallen in this mistake, for they advise their children according to their interests, their vision, and many times, according to their bad examples.
Mother, you are, and will only be a reference for your son when your life speaks louder than your words. Many mothers speak of sacrifice, while your children do not see their mother’s sacrifice in anything, others talk about values while their conduct is the opposite, and others speak about surrender meanwhile they do not separate any time for their children. Weeks pass by without even a phone call, nor do they invite their children out; they do not show any interest. Do you think your children do not notice? I am married for years and my mom calls me almost every day just to ask, “Is everything okay my daughter?” And I love this care from her.
If there is something that leaves me upset, and it’s me personally, is that person who gives advice, but in her life does nothing; or that person who says to do something but in her own life, does nothing. This person, to me, loses credibility, because she does not live according to the standards that she preaches. This is why her word is not considered by anyone.
For example, you see that your son is on the wrong path, or he/she is with someone that is sharp that will not realize him. Someone who is someone without principles, without values, without ethics, without morals, etc... You as a mother, you perceive all of this, but instead of alerting your son as it is most convenient, you prefer to leave things the way they are. Of course we cannot prohibit it, but you can never forget of the great influence you have and the faith you say to practice. 
I have seen many mothers who do not want to pay the price of gaining the soul of their son, and their vision is completely fleshy. They limit themselves to what they see and prefer to ignore the situation instead of fighting; and never forget that only prayer will not bring the surprising results that you expect.  How long do you pray? Since always isn't it? It is necessary to have dialogue, advice, sit and make your child see that what he is not able to.
Perhaps your problem is that you do not know how to seek in God this help; and because you find yourself an excellent mother, and that you don't need to improve in anything nor learn nothing... you limit yourself is what you’ve learned and grab on to this, and the results are very little or none. Sometimes you want to delegate the responsibilities to third parties when it is only yours. 
And if your son is living a completely wrong life, you have to fight with all of your strength so the situation can be inverted. Never forget to support your son, is not to cooperate with his mistake but rather, with love you show him the danger of such wrong decisions and its consequences. 
But for this, never forget that your word has to have value. If you lost this credibility seek to pass the values that you say believe and live. Never let your child be taken care by anyone else but you. After all you are his mother. And if he is already an adult, he doesn’t stop being your child; take care of him, and advise him the same way. And that your greatest gift be to see his soul saved!
 I'm going to leave a challenge for you mother! The ones who has to say if we’re good mothers are our children, isn’t it? They have the right to evaluate us. Ask them this week: “Son, what kind of mother have I been? Where can I better myself?” Maybe the response will surprised you, be humble and do not think that you know everything. Many times our children are the ones who teach us. 
 Perhaps you think of yourself as an excellent mother, but your son does not see this excellence in anything. Perhaps if you were more spiritual and wise you would have freed your son from many situations that he’s living today; but there is time to correct yourself, or are you going to continue falling in the same mistake? 
I am not judging any of you. I am also included in this, and I want to learn every day how to better myself as a mother and be humble to know how to handle my son. My greatest gift is to gain him to God; and that he sees in me what I live and not what I speak. We will never be perfect but we can become better every day. And I if we do it, there is no way we won't see the results. Learn to advise your son in the faith and not in emotion! 
Afterwards, leave your comments. Let's share with each other what our children said in regards to our question. It doesn't matter what it is, it does matter that we are going to work to change this situation. Perhaps the answer won’t be what you’re waiting for, but it will be an opportunity to restore your relationship, and conquer the lost trust.

Sweet Kisses


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