Friday, 10 June 2016

Example of a servant – He was humble

He said to him, “Why do you call Me good? No one is good, except God alone.”” Mark 10:18

The Lord Jesus was really good, holy and righteous, but He wanted people to recognize God as good. He put himself in the place of a servant, being humble, even though He was the Son of God.

Nowadays, we see many people wanting to prove at all costs that they are “good,” how successful they are, how “great works” they do; it is there where danger lies. Analyse what this may result in:
-       Pride, which is haughtiness of spirit.
-       Arrogance, the person thinks that he/she is superior to others and irreplaceable.
-       The person thinks that he/she is “the one.” There was no one better than him/her, and there will never be.
-       If she is not recognized, she gets revolted and/or disheartened. After all she is so good. How can’t anybody see it?
-       She likes to be praised and noticed.

Notice that all turns to her. Without watching these evil and impure feelings, they begin to take over and pollute her interior. John Baptist says: He must increase, but I must decrease.” John 3:30

That is the servant’s position, even though some have modified this verse to: “it is necessary I grow, it does not matter who decreases for that to happen”. Be careful! The proud presents himself masked. He is full of reasons and arguments, but do not forget that he is against you and wants to harm you. Do not run after the glory of this world, fight for what is eternal.

Our example of a servants is humble and we must be like Him. I hope that at the end of this series, we end up looking a lot like the Lord Jesus, and following His example in everything.

Tell us your experience!


Naledi(Star)Malinga said...

Thank you for these articles of a servant.

I also think that it is important for us to be like the Lord Jesus as Our Master, follow Him, He made Himself a simple servant doing the will of His Father, understanding that all He did and had to do it was not for Him to be seen or recognized but to just serve.

Let us also put ourselves just to serve, If people start to praise because of what God did through us, give it immediately to God, praise and know that "It is not me, My Lord, we both know that,it is because of You, with the decision of willingness to allow You to work".

I certainly know that I am learning and will be a servant that pleases God with these articles.

Mbalee B said...

Dear Mrs Tania

Thank you for these series, they have been helpful, my focus for this fast has been to get to know the Lord so well that I can never be deceived and that I am able to discern between His voice and the devils, I've realized that the devil can make something that will be toxic seem harmless, but getting to know the Lord has made me discern between what is right and "almost right".

Thank you again

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