Tuesday, 10 May 2016

My annoying mother

This past Sunday (May 8th) we celebrated Mother's Day. A date we all remember our dear mothers. We thank them for their hard work; we recognize their value and make beautiful declarations of love to them.

We all know the value and the importance of our mothers, but I ask you, what kind of son/daughter have you been? I know that words of love, affection and gifts can make her happy, because at least she can see that you love her. But I was thinking and I remembered how I was before and how I am today and I realized how much everyone loves their beloved mothers, but do we really know how to express that love? Or we only try to show it after a tragedy, a separation after many years apart?

When I was a teenager I thought my mother was very annoying, because she would always put me to clean the house, to cook, to wash my uniform, to organize my room and closet, she hated to see my school notebook dirty or messy and she would always be on top of me to make sure everything is organized. For me it was like the end of the world when she would complain about my closet or when she would send me to clean the bathrooms. But today, at my age, I can understand her like never before. I see that asking for help to clean the house was nothing more than fair, since I was living there too and she was not our maid. When she asked me to cook, she was actually preparing me for the future. When she would complain about my closet, she was teaching me how to be organized. When she would tell me to wash my uniform and iron it, she was actually avoiding embarrassment for after the wedding for no one to say that I know how to take care of my husband's clothes. When she would call my attention because of my dirty notebook and messy books, she was actually showing me that she was paying attention at my school work and she wanted me to be the best student. At that time I did not understand, so I would be upset and annoyed, but today, I thank my mother for everything she did for me. Not counting how many times she hit me with her slippers for talking back, for not being well behaved, the scolding with her slippers was what kept me in the discipline, and when she would wake me up early to go to church and to have fear for the things of God, was what brought me here today… a servant of God, who gave her life to save souls. Her example and love for the work of God taught me to be so.

Now I ask you, young lady? Can you recognize the effort that your mother has made for you to take care of the best possible way? Have you recognized her true value or you just say beautiful words once a year? I want to pass to you today what I have learned over the years: value you mother, your father and anyone who strive to teach you valuable life lessons. Whether they are your biological parents, grandparents or even the pastor of your Church or his wife, which they help you daily your wise advices in order for you not to fall into traps.

Friends, appreciate who really loves you and do not listen to those people who want to take you to the wide path that takes you to perdition. Make everyday to be Mother's Day / fathers, by being obedient, helping at home, giving a kiss and recognizing the efforts that your parents do for you and not only once a year.

May God bless you greatly and until next week.
Juliana Furucho
Translation by: Tatia Oliveira


Tshedimogo L Kgositladi said...

From this i learn to appreciate my family mostly my mother though it is a bit difficult due to my background.Sometimes i am afraid i will get a bad response but because it is essential i set aside the negativity and doubts and i choose to appreciate

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