Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Mothers who can be imitated!

Hello dear, how are you?
Today we’ll speak of a remarkable woman that serves as an example to be followed by all of us. More than anyone else, mothers live with their children. They carry them in their womb, heart and arms. No one dreams as much of the future of the children than mothers. No one stands up for the children as much as the mother. No one prays for the children as much as their mothers.
Today we see the example of Hannah, a woman who did not give up being a mother. She wished it with a purpose, and not for her own glory. Hannah has a legitimate dream, but is being postponed. She wants to be a mother, but is unable to. She is loved by her husband, but longs for a son. She asks God but the response delays. She had every reason to give up, but did not! And so she saw her dream being fulfilled. Hannah clings to her dream while everyone else tries to stop her from expecting a miracle. Her rival, Peninnah, irritated her, making her cry. Her pastor, the priest Eli, as she prayed in the temple, called her drunk because he didn’t have the discernment that she was pouring out her soul before God.
There will always be those who look at the circumstances instead of looking at faith; and these are usually those who never get to see the promises of God in their life. No one likes to wait, but while we wait we reveal how much we trust in His promises for our lives. Whoever is not prepared to wait, is not prepared to enjoy. Her husband, Elkanah, urged her to give up on her dream of being a mother, saying that he was better for her than ten children. But Hannah did not give up and kept insisting with God until the miracle happened in her life. Is it not how things happen in these days? How many times our own family convinces us to give up on our dreams? Hannah was a victim of the hostility of Peninnah, the deceit of Eli, and good reasoning of Elkanah. But she does not give up hope in God.
Hannah is sterile, but prays for the child before it is born. This is called to live by faith. Hannah prayed for Samuel before she conceived him. She said: “For this boy I pray.” Before Samuel was generated in her womb, he was generated in her heart. Before crying for the pain of childbirth, she wept before God for the child. You mother, have you done this? Instead of crying over your child's situation, have you poured yourself out at the feet of God? Hannah is sterile, but prays; she is sterile, but expect a miracle; she is sterile, but believes in the Word and it healed physically and emotionally.
Today we have modern mothers, talented mothers, intellectual mothers, busy moms, but few are the mothers of prayer. When you understand that prayer has much more power than anything else, then you’ll start to reap its rewards; and to know the power that is has. Hannah did not present her son as a trophy for her personal vanity. She knew that Samuel came from God, was of God and should be consecrated to God. She promised him to God and returned him to God. Samuel was not only a great son, but a great man, the greatest of his generation. He was the greatest prophet, the greatest priest and the greatest judge of his generation. We need mothers who dare to consecrate their children to God. We need mothers who give up their children to realize major projects of God. Perhaps the dream you have for your child is selfish and carnal, and so you don’t have the courage to give him in God's hands; simply because you do not want to see God's dreams realized, but yours.
Hannah returned Samuel to the Lord at a time when she could use justified excuses: Eli is too old. The two sons of Eli were sons of Belial. This mother, however, was perseverant in the pursuit of her dream, and faithful to give it in. God is sovereign in the realization of His will to our children. We need mothers who insist with God in prayer, but rest in God's providence in relation to their children. Hannah understood that it is God who gives life and takes life away. Do not give up hoping of God’s great and new things in your life, and the life of your children. He can make a sterile woman joyful and mother of children. He can convert valleys into fountains, tears in songs of joy, loneliness in feast; defeat in big victories.
Dream the dreams of God for the life of your children. I am a mother, and just like Hannah, I waited fourteen years for the promise to be fulfilled in my life; and I pray every day so that the dreams of God for the life of my son be realized one by one, and that He gives me vision to include myself in these projects and not disturb them.
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Sweets kisses
Catia Rubim


Lesego Molubi said...

I'm thankful for this post. As a mother I'm always praying for my children to grow up putting God first in their life. If we start small then we will grow stronger together in faith.

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