Monday, 7 March 2016

Series Strong woman 12 - Be organized and disciplined

Dear to my change of country, I had not been able to write for the blog, I was organizing my stuff, lol and that is what we will talk about in today's theme.
Do you know someone wrapped, disorganized, and that all that she starts cannot finish? Well, it looks like a silly topic that has nothing to do with the subject of a strong woman, but the truth is that an undisciplined woman becomes weak. It begins by being disorganized in her spiritual life: she do not read the Bible because she never has time, she doesn’t pray, is always late in church meetings, finally does not make time for God, she’s not responsible for her life with God.
The daily routine is one mad rush, so many things to do, that fight against the clock, a huge schedule to meet; but where's the agenda? Where is the planning? Is there an order for the different tasks? Or do you stop what you're doing, start something else, and not finish either of them? The lack of discipline and organization entails several negative emotions like despair, frustration, anger, impatience, and depending on the degree it even entails aggression. Don’t you think that all of these cause weakness? What do you think? I'm sure that no woman living a situation like this feels strong.
So let’s see a solution to end so much clutter!
Divide the week, the month and the year on small goals. Determine priorities, do what is most important and urgent first. You gain confidence by improving your efficiency and your self-esteem as well. As you reach intermediate goals, you’ll realize that it is not impossible to achieve your goals. You will see that you can and will have amazing results and great satisfaction at the end of the day.
Notice how the Kingdom of God is organized and disciplined. Be available in organizing your life, your everyday, and you’ll see that you will have time even to do whatever you thought you could never do it.
This will make you a stronger and more confident woman with a more positive attitude.
Try it and see!


Anonymous said...

Thank you Lord for the opportunity to know life without you is doomed.

Sindiswa Qwalana said...

When we are disorganized with our spiritual life, we also become disorganized also with our personal lives, everything becomes a mass and frustration of trying to do all at once is also bringing more pressure on us, I agree that we should have a proper planning of our daily,weekly,monthly or yearly life to organise everything in a correct and neat way otherwise, we will never improve in anything we do.

Abongile Bonza said...

Imagine being disorganized in our spiritual lives,thats a mess..This goes in hand with priorities knowing what is important and what needs to be looked after like our spiritual lives.Having a proper planning daily,weekly etc we help us do much for ourselves and for God.

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