Thursday, 11 February 2016

Dark chocolate

Yes, there are a few people who do not enjoy chocolate and on the other hand there’s people (like me) who are crazy for chocolate. Now we no longer need to feel guilty, we just need to choose wisely. Begin by seeking chocolate containing 70% Cocoa, least possible ingredients and is low in sugar. If we daily eat high quality dark chocolate, in moderation of coarse, studies (Heart 2015; 101) show several benefits for the heart and health as:

1. It improves blood flow and circulation.
2. Lowers blood pressure
3. Natural Detoxification
4. The increase of HDL and LDL cholesterol lowering
5. Reduced risk of cardiovascular disease
6. Protection of the skin from sun damage
7. Reduce Stroke Risk
8. Lower risk of diabetes
9. Improves mood
10. Mental clarity and alertness

Now with this in mind lets delight on dark chocolate, but this time without guilt.
* Tip- Try adding chocolate on your next yogurt, smoothie or mixed with your favorite nuts and seeds.
Until next time. 

Cecilia Fernandes


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