Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Circuit Training

It might be the best option for those who don’t have the time to spare, you can complete your circuit in about 30 minutes. It’s a very intense workout which involves cardio, weights, total body movements and a pause in between. If you have the space and equipment like dumb bells or resistance bands at home, you don't necessarily need to go to the gym. So here how it works.

Step 1: Choose your workout time.
Set a number of stations (exercises) that you will repeat until you hit your time. Anywhere from 10 -45 minutes will work. Just keep in mind the shorter your workout the harder you will need exercise.
Example 5 stations (exercises) for 1 minute each repeat 6 circuits, which will give you a 30 min. workout.

Step 2: Upper-body exercise.
Choose any exercise for your upper-body dumbbell curls, Push Ups, Shoulder presses, etc.

Step 3: Lower-body exercise.
Choose any lower-body exercise like, lunges, squats, hamstring curls, etc.

Step 4: Choose a total body movement.
Pick any exercise you like that involves all you body like planks, jumping lunges, etc.

Step 5: Sprint for one minute.
You can run in place, or do some jumping jacks, but do them as fast as you can and hold them for a minute. Get your heart rate going.

Step 6: Rest for a minute.

Enjoy the one minute, let your heart rate come down and get ready to begin one more circuit. Focus on your form, complete movement, and then work on your time. Begin slow and work your way to a shorter circuit.

Until next time.
Cecilia Fernandes 


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