Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Put your son in his place

            Hi darlings, I’m so glad you are decided to do all things different this year; starting by being different. Counseling some mothers, sharing experiences, I’ve been analyzing how mothers have problems correcting their children. One of the causes of having a pacific child is that he belies that he has the right to demand everything from his mom and that he deserves a special treatment. Normally these children, youths, or even adults, adults only in age because by their attitudes they’re still children that don’t want to take on responsibilities, simply because they think that they have to have different rights from the others. The child that behaves this way thinks that he was only born to be served. He wants his necessities to always be satisfied, after all he was born to be served, but never has a word of gratitude and never remembers about his mother; only when he’s needy. When we allow this, we are creating a human being totally unready for the real life that has nothing to do with easy things.
To love is not to always say yes! To love is not to control everything that your son does! Love is not a feeling but an attitude. If you as a mother don’t do it, who will? So learn that you have to love your own son, but it does not mean to love what he does. If anything that he does is reprehensible or lack of character, do not collaborate. Do not be tolerant. Be firm! Even if he makes ugly faces, he’ll thank you later on. The solution of God to presumption is: “For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.” Romans 3:23
            There are legitimate needs, and those need to be supplied. But there are other necessities that are abusive, which the mother doesn’t have any obligation to supply them. If your son is an adult, put him is his place. If your son is indifferent because of presumption, you’ll have to help him. And do you know how? Frustrating his ideas of grandiosity, and that he can cause any damage to the family without suffering the consequences. If you want to educate your son so that he has values, you’ve to stop satisfying all his necessities and all his demanding. Only compliment your son for his mature character, for being a man and taking on his responsibilities when he behaves in an active, responsible and honest way. If this helped you and you noticed that you were acting wrong, change your way even today.
            And you who are a son or daughter who only looks for your mother to bring her problems, and you think that she has the obligation to accept and solve them, know that if you made bad choices you’ll have to rip its fruits. And if you say, “but I didn’t have anyone to show me this values or to be my referential;” Well, if now you are an adult you’re free of your choices. Do different so you can choose different. Maybe your mother didn’t have what you have today.
            So take advantage, be grateful and humble; love you mother with all the strength of your soul. And do not be interested, selfish, smug, and ungrateful. You who have a child and also noticed that your attitude was reprehensible, leave your comments bellow!!! Let’s be different mothers and daughters and doing so we will be contributing for the future generation with values and morals. Sweet kisses.  
Cátia Rubim


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