Monday, 4 January 2016

My little secret to 2016

Hi dear friend, what a joy it is to start the year here with you and what do you expect of this New Year? How will your 2016 be? Surely you thought about how you want it to be, idealized it, you asked for many things this New Year, but do you know something?

Your year will depend solely on you! As much as you have written on paper all your goals, your dreams, your plans, if you don't have faith and perseverance to fight and go after them, another year will go by and all will remain the same. I learned friends, to use my faith at all times and do my part, because faith without works, is dead, is it not? So, my year will be in accordance with my willingness to fight, to persevere, to chase after, to use my faith, to overcome my flesh and of my relationship with God; And the main thing in all of this is my relationship with God. I cannot neglect it, not even for a minute,
for that reason I meditate in the word of God, have my moments alone with Him, to praise Him, to glorify Him, to serve Him with all my heart and have within me the joy and the privilege of being a servant of God, to be chosen to clean the Church, to clean the bathroom, to evangelize, must be continuously within me. If you also put your relationship with God first, overcoming laziness, overcoming your flesh, overcoming your fatigue, overcoming your will, by putting Jesus first in your life, then everyday
you will be stronger, you will be more in the faith, more in the spirit and the stronger we are in our faith, the more strength and disposition and direction of God we will have to fight and conquer all of our goals. You see ladies that when God is in the frontline, everything is just better and easier?

Of course you also have to do your part. If you want to do well in school, you have to study and pay attention to the teachers. If you want to prosper will have to strive to be the best at your job or overcome the fear and let go of your current job to open your own business. If you want to receive the Holy Spirit, you will have to empty your entire self, to surrender completely, seeking with all your strength and understanding and use your faith to receive Him. See that for God to act He needs us to do our part first. Go in the faith my friend, believe that God will be with you, do your part and have the full assurance that God will guide your steps. Just never doubt Him, nor His potential. You can and will have the best year of your life. Believe it!

One final piece of advice for today: ALWAYS ask God to do His will in your life and not what you think is best, for God is the only One who knows what we really need and what is best for each and every one of us . Trust Him and be absolutely sure that if your life is in His hands, and you're doing your part, and you trust that the will of God will prevail in your life, and then you will have a year of victories!!! Amen?

A big kiss to all and HAPPY NEW YEAR IN FAITH!!!! Kisses
Juliana Furucho

Translated By: Tatia Oliveira


Anonymous said...

Oh What a blessing,The best advice ever for 2016.

ms guni,england said...

All the answers l needed today are here, this has to be a different year. I have to be a different inside out.
I can't lie to myself.

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