Monday, 4 January 2016

Series Strong Woman 2 - How to be Strong?

Welcome to the second day of the Series “Strong Woman.”

If we look at the definition of strong, we find: stout, fit, muscular, healthy, vigorous, powerful, robust, and well. Think with me; maintaining yourself strong demands sacrifice. It requires investment in your health, and take care of your body and for that the person needs to eat healthy, exercise, drink water, not drink nor smoke, sleep at least 8 hours, and so on. If you are inactive, have malnutrition, and you don’t respect your meal hours; do you think your body to be ok? Of course not! And everyone is aware of this. For example, how many woman want to lose weight, but do not want to pay the price? They want to lose weight but at the same time, want to eat a lot of candies, sodas, they don’t exercising, etc. This way is quite difficult, isn’t lol?

Let’s think of all of this on the spiritual side, to be strong in the spirit and in the faith requires investing in our interior. This is how it works in our spiritual life. If we want to maintain ourselves healthy and strong we need to take care of certain things such as: read the bible, go to church, maintain our eyes clean, a pure heart, a healthy mind, not live in sin, not get involved with things that remove our spiritual strength. How many times do we hear around us: “I was weak, I couldn’t resist it and I fell in sin,” “I thought that I would be able to resist, but I was weak,” “the past is stronger than me, I do not have strength to fight.”

Many people want to have this strength in their interior, but “feed” themselves with the things of this world. They begin to get sick in their soul and that’s why they are never able to be strong. When we disobey God, our conscious accuses us right away, and this makes us become weak and vulnerable; just like when we allow the problems, feelings or things of the past to take away our strength.

Queen Esther, even living difficult and desperate situations, she maintained herself strong. However she needed to be strong for nothing falls from heaven. When we want something we need to fight and be decided. She always sought strength in God. She never contaminated herself nor acted in the flesh. She never gave place for evil to work in her life, and because of that she continued strong and immovable. Our strength comes from our relationship with God. If we do not take care of it we will be weak. So in the next posts I will be writing about how to take care of ourselves so this won’t happen.

How about you, did you choose to be strong or were left just wanting it? Make your decision now!

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cphosethu said...

Thank you Mrs Tania.

I choose to be a strong woman of God and that is why I will be following this series in order to learn how to maintain my relationship with God strong and healthy.

ms guni,england said...

Thank you

ivona frans said...

I also chose to be a strong woman of God not only in words but in actions as well the way i am .

Estella Arroyo said...

This is strong, and I can relate to this as well. I had experienced when I went through problems, feelings or past I got myself in to that and I was feeling weak. I was letting the problems, feelings and past take my strength. It wasn't good at all. And I don't accept just wanting to be strong I want to be strong so I decide to take care of my relationship with God,take care or my spiritual life and figth to receive the Holy Spirit.

Anonymous said...

I love this blog. All these years I keep coming back. To God be the glory. Am an assistant now.

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