Thursday, 17 December 2015

Are you getting enough sleep?


A few years ago we did not find many options of sleep supplements available at the pharmacy. Reality is that times have changed and we are following the digital era, everything is faster e-mails, texts and other media. I have already asked myself how was I living without a computer and internet? They simply became a very useful tool. The point is that our bodies do not function as computers, simply pressing the power button, we will not fall asleep. It takes time to wind down and understand that it is time to rest. A well night slept has many health benefits. 
The question is, are you getting enough sleep? There are several factors that prevent us from having a wonderful night's sleep. Food is considered a strong factor.  Eating a light dinner at least 45 minutes before bedtime is always the best option.

All because we are following a fast rate, we haven’t even wrapped up the day, and we are planning the weekend! We must create new habits to wind down. Everyone is different, and you need to learn what that relaxes you. It may be reading a book, exercise, a warm bath followed with tea, dimming lights and noise.  Create a ritual that you will follow, so the mind and body may understand that it's bedtime.

Cecilia Fernandes 

"Hello my name is Cecilia Fernandes. I’m Christian, happily married to a Pastor, and live in Chicago-IL, and passionate about living healthy. As Certified Trainer in Fitness and Nutrition at ISSA, here I’ll be sharing ideas on how to become a healthier you. Hope to meet you here on thursday's; it will be a great way to start the week."



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