Wednesday, 16 December 2015

A mother who speaks the truth!

Hi darlings, how are you?
Today I share with you the message from a reader and I ask you to read very carefully because it will be a word of encouragement to those who were or still are in the same situation.
Hello Mrs.Catia!
My name is Maria, I am 26 and from Brazil.
I came to the Church very young, I would do everything as best as I could to please God. But eventually that changed, as I suffered an injustice in the church and that left me very badly, and instead of using it to bring me closer to God, I ended up taking it the wrong way. I wanted to be an Assistant, so I applied at the first opportunity I had, not because I wanted to serve God, but to show to those who mistreated me that I too could one day become an Assistant.

When the pastor asked if I had the Holy Spirit I promptly said yes, even being aware that I did not. I was consecrated as an Assistant amid the lie, the deception,I knew I was entering a battlefield and was not covered with the Armor, but I went ahead on a whim. I spent years living in deception, living of appearance. those who looked at me thought I was someone "full" of God. But inside me there was a huge void, I had no peace, a person full of fears, insecurity, complex... I suffered a lot, there was a great sadness in my soul.

In so much pain I saw that I needed urgently to seek to have the Holy Spirit, and so I did, I confessed everything that was happening inside me and it did not take long. I received Him. I began to change, but something was still bothering me, I knew I needed to get help, but did not dare, I thought what people's reaction would be, thought I would be judged. Until I met Mrs. Catia so I decided to ask for help, even with a little trembling, I explained my situation to you. It was not easy but I told you all that so far no one knew, and contrary to what I imagined, you reached out to help me and not me judge me.

You showed me what I had to do; the first step was to overcome my fears, insecurity, complex and confess everything to my pastor. It was a great war within me, I thought I could not, but Mrs. Catia taught me to challenge and overcome myself, I could not I care about people's opinions, but I needed to see myself as a soul, and so I I did! I put myself in the condition of a soul, I spoke to the leadership of the church and told them what then was a well kept secret, but from then on I feel like someone else.
Today I'm fine I feel totally transformed. I thank God every day for putting you in my life, thank you for teaching me to overcome myself, to be transparent even if it is difficult, for my salvation is more important than anything. In every guidance I have learned more about God and to depend on Him.
May the Lord Jesus continue to bless you.
Kisses Mrs.Catia Rubim"

If this helped you or you are in a similar situation, take a decision today and do not look at the now, but see ahead how your testimony will help yourself first and then other women.
Sweet Kisses
Catia Rubim


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