Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Mother, don’t put everything to lose!

Hello darlings, how are you I read every comment and I was pleased with the suggestions that were left with topics you would like to be see here.
Always leave your comments, be a participating mother, at the end, our experiences will add in the life of one another.

Today’s topic is a mother’s request, she shared the problem she is facing and does not know how to deal with the situation very well, so I decided to write this article.

She shared about the excessive interest her son has for the world of technology.
Well, as all of us know, the world of imagination wants to command the life of our children. In our time, the games we used to play were healthy, the toys, etc., they were inoffensive. Today, the new era is investing with all of its strength to invert these values.
Clearly, we know and understand that it is the work of the devil. He has invested strongly in the children and youth, because he knows they are vulnerable, that is why our attitude concerning this subject is very important.

Sometimes it is necessary to have a change in attitude. How so? Let’s think: children need something to do at all times, and often, with so many chores and the rush of life, we don’t have this availability that they need. And from here, technology begins taking up the time and place that should belong to our presence in their lives. 

Understand that prohibiting will not bring the result, however, us as mothers need to impose limits, but at the same time, we need to have wisdom of how to fulfill this need over things that satisfy them even more than being in from of a device.

In everything, parents tend to impose limits to their children, which is important and necessary.
What many mothers do not understand is that they all have to understand their own limits.

Begin by delegating small chores, showing  how much their help is valuable. Think of positive reinforcement. Think of activities you can do together in which you will both feel happy and loved. Like a trip to the movies, or watching a film at home, eating popcorn together, going to the park, playing ball, etc. Do something that you know that will make them happy. Show them that it is much healthier, having fun and beneficial to keep yourself busy this way.

Tell them how happy you get when they place the trash outside. Thank them for fixing their clothes, for putting the groceries away. If instead you yell: “Your room is always a mess. Socks in the corners, clothes under the bed, and always playing with those toys, I’m tired of it!” Don’t be surprised if your child prefers to continue playing or watching television.
Being gentle, therefore, demands effort. It is easy to fall in the routine and say the first bitter thing that comes to mind.
We seek, therefore, to change our tactics, and the good willingness will rise.
As women and mothers, our lives influence the atmosphere of our home and the attitudes of our children and husband. If we are bitter and always influenced by a bitter and sharp word, they will begin to define you.
Try to moderate your voice, enunciating with joy and lightness.
Your children will also stop complaining.
Who will have a greater influence in their lives? Us mothers with our love and wisdom or hell?
Never forget that the time you stop investing with them, hell will take care of doing it.
Many times we need to lower ourselves to their level so we can understand and help them.

Leave here your experiences and topics of which you would like to be read on, whether it be for daughters or mothers.
And put into practice the teachings, for if you do it, I have the complete certainty that in little time, you will be here sharing your testimony.

Sweet Kisses,
Catia Rubim


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