Friday, 30 October 2015

Experiences of the Altar - Going to another country


Hi, my name is Josiane. When I started in the work of God as a pastor’s wife I was only 19 years old. I had the opportunity to meet a great woman of God who taught me a lot of things. One day, as we were talking, she said:

               -Josiane, the work of God really begins the day that you leave your state, go somewhere far from your family; the day that you look to your side and see no familiar faces.  

At that moment, those words did not make much sense to me. Almost two years passed by after this conversation and the day came in which we were chosen by God to go to another country.

I did not feel sad to be leaving my country, on the contrary, I felt an enormous joy, for having this privilege. We did not know when we would see our family again, let alone how it would be living in another country.

After two days, we were already in our new house, Uruguay. A beautiful country that I learned to love from the first day.

When I arrived, I remembered the words of that wife. I was in another country, a new language, and not a single familiar face.

In the first days, everything was new to me, and it seemed that it hadn’t hit me yet. Afterwards, I started missing family, friends and the difficulty of the idiom also appeared, which a first I did not understand a single word. Meanwhile, the pastor’s wives of Uruguay helped me a lot and received me with open arms.

When we arrived in a place that was unfamiliar to us, we needed someone even to go to the supermarket, since people could not understood you, nor did you understand the local currency, the products.

After a month, we  began to work in a new church. My husband had been taking Spanish classes for a month, but I did not understand anything, but we went in the faith. When the people arrived to the church, I was the only assistant. I was also the only CBC teacher, and we both were the only evangelists. However, the language barrier did not stop us. We would go out like this to the streets to evangelize, even though in the beginning I felt a lot of headaches trying to understand what the people were saying.

It was difficult. We went through difficulties and many times we had to decide between paying for a good meal or paying for the bus to get to church, since we lived in a different city. So, we would choose, with joy, to pay for the bus because we knew that our sacrifice would be rewarded in form of souls for the Kingdom of God.

For 8 years of being in this country, we went through various churches and we saw the result of our work in the saved souls for the Kingdom of God. All of the difficulties were worth it: the tears and the sacrifice of being away from the family and from our country.

I thank God for this experience that helped us mature and make us much stronger.


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