Monday, 29 June 2015

Lamentations of Tânia

When I first came to the Universal Church at 16 years old, I was completely ignorant of spiritual things, although I was of a certain religion, I had no knowledge of the word of God and did not know anything.

Whenever it was time to talk to God, I did not know to use faith, so I used the feelings.

I thought, I will cry in prayer, that will touch His feelings, then He will take pity on me and will answer me, after all he is a loving Father!

What a great mistake, but I was giving my first steps in faith, I did not know how God works, that I was mistaken, God works with faith, not feelings.
While I acted that way, I did not receive anything until I understood I needed to use my faith,only then would I have the answer.

How many people in the church are like that, maybe you're one of them, that is always whining, crying in their prayers so God takes pity on you, but they never act their faith and so do not get the results from it. Remember, without faith it is impossible to reach God.

Dear friends, let us get out of this poor and without vision state, and do what really works, let's stop whining and using emotional strategies that lead nowhere and use what is most precious that God has given us, our faith, for without it we will not have anything, not even His presence, for everything comes by faith and through faith.

How about you, will you carry on whining or will use your faith?
Let me know!
God bless you all.


Mbalee B said...

Definitely use my Faith!

Good day Mrs Tania

I used to use my feelings as well and thought it was faith. I would often think I was not worthy; for example whenever there would be a great opportunity my way, I would first ask God to help me get it but whenever my capabilities are questioned or satan threatens this opportunity I would help him do his job, he would say one word and I would bring out a long scroll in agreement he'd probably sits and laugh, then I would make a prayer and tell God how unworthy I am but if it is His will it will be done, if not I understand, I would even tie up the devil(what a waste of time).

Until God clearly showed me I was living on emotions which He was not pleased with; it all changed, I understood that by faith in Jesus I have abundance, that I can do anything with God by my side. So when satan threatens me by questioning my capabilities, I bring out a different scroll which reads; "is anything to hard for God"? "Because I am in Jesus and walk in obedience to God that makes me a heir" so yes I am capable and by Faith I will conquer. And poom, satan is out of a job!

��apologies for the lengthy text;

Thank you for sharing.

Anonymous said...

I had never done church we came from a family of ethist

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