Friday, 19 June 2015

The glory was given to someone else!

Depending on compliments and acknowledgements is a problem that needs to be under control, many people including servants of God, in order to feel accepted and confident, they submit to that, and this is not good.
Who does not like to receive compliments? It seems it works as encouragement so that a person may feel more self-confident, secure and it even boosts her self-esteem, it brings that sensation that they are on the right path and doing things correctly.
The problem is when one depends on compliments, approval or acknowledgements to take action to move forward, that cannot happen.
Do you remember when we were children? Whenever we did something good, like getting good grades at school, or tried something new, our parents used to praise us with the intention to keep us going, helping us to lose our fears and see what we were able to achieve.
But from the moment we became adults we should no longer depend on those incentives anymore, so we must develop our self-confidence and that is independence.
Those who got so used to compliments and no longer receive them surely will get sad, frustrated and disappointed.

In the work of God is no different, and maybe you have got it wrong in this sense. Let me ask you something: did you ever do something good and in the end another person took the “glory”? That is, the compliments which were meant for you went to her instead?
It happened to me. I also did things to help someone and to this day she does not know that I was the one who did it for her. But the second question is: how do you react to it?
Did you get outraged, sad, disappointed, with the feeling of shouting to the four winds that you were the one who did it, the mentor, the one who got the idea, or were you just happy for collaborating with the work of God, without caring who got the acknowledgements?
Your answer will show if you are a person who craves for compliments and approval to feel accepted and acknowledged, or you do not need it, but your intention is to collaborate with the work of God, without being worried with rewards, so your reward comes from God.
So friends, never give up on doing what you got to do or what God inspires you to do, with compliments or without them, you are being used by Him, being that the major acknowledgement you may receive, being SERVANT of the Almighty God.
Do not forget every Friday I post something about the work of God. Kisses!

"So that your giving may be in secret. And your Father who sees in secret will reward you."
Matthew 6:4


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