Sunday, 17 May 2015

Hit the weight room

One key factor to boost up your metabolism is weight lifting; this will also help you slim down. I’ve heard the comments of ladies fearing to look like a body builder when it comes to weight lifting. But in reality all you need are 8-12 reps of three upper-body and three lower-body exercises four times a week. Now in order to achieve a bodybuilder body you would need much more lifting and lots of discipline, that’s for sure! So after your cardio add a few reps.

Studies have proven that by the age of 35 women begin to lose 5-10 percent of lean muscle per decade. So it’s more likely that when you hit 45, you weigh the same. But your 8 pounds of lean muscle, now turned into 8 pounds of fat! So lets start lifting weights, if you’re new begin with moderate weights.

Here are a few suggestions...

Cecilia Fernandes


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