Monday, 22 December 2014

Why don’t I have friends?

Many people have difficulty making friends, others seem to push people away by the way they are or act.
See if you have any of these characteristics, which can cause people to not want to be your friend.
1 - Shyness - if you have difficult approaching people, talking, then it is difficult to make friends.
2 - Selfishness - the person who thinks only of herself, only wants to receive and never give, this person will never be a good friend
3 -Criticizes – to criticize everything your friend’s do is very unpleasant. Be understanding and don’t judge
4 - Inconsideration - when your friends need you most, you're never to there for them, in reality you just want to share the good times and you’re never there when the going gets tough. 
5 - Annoying - always making rude comments that hurt your friend’s feelings and that are out of place.
6 - Boring – Never agreeing with anything, not being enthusiastic, always wanting to contradict with what’s happening. 
7 – Not being open to new friends - what you want is to have one friend, you close yourself to new friends and you don’t allow other people in. 
8 – Being super suspicious - perhaps because you had a bad experience in the past, and now you do not trust anyone, you think nobody can offer you a sincere friendship, but that everyone is out to get you, use you and make you suffer. 
9- Indiscretion- for being indiscreet, you are not trustworthy, and for this reason people don't want to be your friend. 

10- Moody- Nobody enjoys being around someone who is always in a bad mood, it's very unpleasant to share time with someone like this, she never smiles, be careful behavior like this pushes people away from you. 


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