Wednesday, 17 December 2014

It hurts, right?

Have you ever had to get rid of your favorite shoes? The one that you liked the most, but you can’t use because it makes your little toe hurt too much.
The shoe is beautiful, you wait sometime to give it away; you enjoy looking at it in your closet every time you open it. You can’t simply imagine it on anyone else’s feet but your own. 
But in reality, the shoe is no good for you; it is only taking up space. 
If you insist on using it, your foot will get worse and the wound too.
Many times we know we need to get rid of something, even though we resist we know we have to abandon that one thing. 

Maybe you have to let go of a friendship that is taking you down the wrong path; maybe it’s changing something in your character that doesn’t please God. Maybe it is even leaving your boyfriend, whom you think is the love of your life, but the truth is he has only been a stumbling block in your faith.  
Maybe you will need to completely change the direction your life is headed, so that you can please God. 
It hurts, right? But it is the ONLY solution, to get rid of what does you no good, to get rid of what is consuming your faith and energy and makes wounds painful.
Don’t waste any more time, don’t continue to attach yourself to something that has no future; don’t be afraid to give.


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