Saturday, 1 November 2014

I have been the same for so long, why?

Us women are always seeking ways of improving our look, think of the many times you have changed your hair cut or the color of your hair!
I have had my hair in many lengths, I’ve risked trying many colors. Every time I see the pictures below I laugh, I don’t know how it is that I had the courage to do certain things, what was I thinking?
I risked it, I took action, always with the intention of improving, and accordingly to my criteria at the time, because we get tired of always looking the same, am I right?

The problem is that this doesn’t always happen when we talk about your interior. Perhaps you haven’t evolved, even after being in church for so many years. Time goes by and you are still the same person from years ago, your spiritual life is also stuck.
There are no miracles, testimonies, changes nor growth, because you simple haven’t gotten TIRED of being the same.
You are still imprisoned to the past, you carry bad feelings, you see yourself with bad eyes, you are filled of complexions, and malice, that is why everything is still the same way even being in church.

Why? Because you don’t want to take action, you don’t want to use your faith, you don’t believe in the promises of God.
You are afraid of change, you don’t want to let go of who you are, in order to be better, you are afraid of making a decision and acting on it.

My dear, it all depends on you, don’t waist any more time, give yourself up without hold back to anything and your life will never be the same.

Just like you have the courage to change your hair cut, your hair color, use the same courage to change your interior and become a better woman, more beautiful before God and the people.

Kisses to you all, and here are the pictures, some are very old and others more recent. Who knows you may get inspired by one of then. Jejeje


Cecilia Mametse said...

Strong message,we must learn to take care of our inner appearance because if we are beautiful inside we will automatically become beautiful outside

Myrna Cantos said...
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Myrna Cantos said...

You are right. I learn from my pastors and wives that we Christian must have a balance life. Meaning, we change from the inside and we must invest in our outside appearance. What people saw from the outside is our looks which contirbuted by the way we dress, taking care of our hair, our speech, etc. We should come out from our comfort zone for the better result. We are God's creation and we represents Him so we must be presentable. As for me, it took a long period of time before I come out from my comfort zone.I realize I am a child of God, I must have courage to change to be a better woman of God for His glory.

Thank you for sharing.

Ruffary Payacda said...

Absolutely true! changes comes if we know how to face our fears. Courage comes from with in us through our FAITH to God.

Maggie Kadima said...

Thank you for sharing, it given me strength to continue in what I have already started.

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