Tuesday, 21 October 2014


 Today I will show you pictures of a party that we had for the kids of the EBI when I was in Atlanta, I think this party was in 2005, because we had other ones.
As you all know, to make the kids happy we need to be creative, so I arranged with some pastors’ wives and some assistants to disguise ourselves as “dolls”, to help during the event, were each church would do their presentation.
I remember that we had as much fun as the kids or even more, with our improvised doll costumes.

Taking advantage of the costume topic, I wanted to tell you that many times attitudes come disguised or hidden behind an excuse, analyze your own:
-       Sometimes fear comes disguised as “I don’t like doing that”, or “I don’t need that”; but the truth is that you don’t want to face your fear.
-       Pride may come disguised by the person thinking that she is being realistic or correct and that is why her attitude is justified.
-       Shyness may be disguised as an excuse “I rather hear than speak”, I remember I used to say this, the truth is that I couldn’t confront my shyness; don’t allow yourself to be manipulated by your feelings.
-       Accommodation also disguises itself, “I don’t need to do that, someone will do it for me”
-       Not controlling your tongue also has its disguise, “I don’t speak too much, I’m simply sincere and speak what I think”

You all can observe that the person doesn’t want to confront her defects and that is why they prefer to make up a name for them, so that it seems as if it were not a problem.
So see things as they are and that way you will be able to eliminate them from your life and overcome them, otherwise you will continue the same way, trying to cover up the reality.
Lets be mindful of those disguises.

Here are the pictures for you to laugh a little!!!


Natercia Teles said...

Since I've been doing the Rush months I have discovered that I have many of these disguises, I am learning everyday on hiw to overcome these issues, many are very hard and it's taking a lot of courage to confront them but I know it's what God wants me to do.

Stephanie said...

Mrs. Tania! This is very true. Before I would disguise my difficulties with the way I acted. If I was afraid of doing something, I would make an excuse to disguise that I was afraid. I would let the fear overtake me. Today I am much more open. I can speak about myself which was something I disliked.

Bathabile Dlamini said...

Mrs Tania
What you are talking about is a truth we turn to feel comfortable in the lies then confronting the truth and becoming a better woman

Myrna Cantos said...

Dear Mrs. Tania,

I was in this situation before, disguised by shyness, even though I am already an assistants. I prefered to be quiet and unable to express my thoughts to anyone because I don't want to commit mistakes. I remember the first 3 months as I joined the testimonial group of the church. I was so shy to speak to the members to get their testimonies.
Till then, I realized that this spirit of shyness is not healthful in doing the Work of God. Today, I come out from this shyness disguised as my God gives me strength and wisdom to be used by Him for His glory.

Thank you for sharing this article. This is indeed a helpful reminders especially for us who are doing the Work of God.

Karen Simoko said...

Thank you for sharing this article.I learned that l have to check myself to see if l make excuses often and to check where they originate from.I have to be sincere and bold to confont it.

teresita barnachea said...

Dear Ms Tania,
I remember when I am new in the work of God I was in this situation,disguising with fear and shyness. Fear to commit mistakes, shyness to speak to others especially counselling people, everyday I fight for this,prayed to God to help me, thank God I overcome this.
Today, I can speak to others with courage and boldness.
Thank you Ms. Tania for this strong message.

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