Monday, 10 November 2014

10 Things an Elegant woman cannot do:

When we talk about an elegant woman, it isn’t enough to just think about her physical appearance, that’s to say just the way she dresses, because elegance contains a series of things, besides appearance, it includes behavior, way of expression, etc.
These are small details, which can ruin your elegance, if you’re not careful and aware of them.
Let’s take a look at 10 things an elegant woman should never do:
1 .  Laugh out loud scandalously
2.  Showing off your bra-straps. 
3.  Speaking bad words (imagine a woman, beautifully dressed, impeccable hair and make-up, but speaking bad words)
4.  Speaking with your mouth full of food (not only is it a displeasing site to those watching you, but you could spit food out into others) 
5.  Speaking with a loud voice (whether it be by phone or in public places) 
6.  To use shut low pants, that when you bend over you can see everything
7.  To make a scene publically, specially in regards to jealousy. 
8.  Hair dirty and or smelling bad (you can be really well dressed up, beautiful clothes, but if your hair is greasy, you loose all elegance)
9.  Not greeting others when you arrive somewhere (many woman loose their elegance because they come off as rude) 

10. To be impolite (you know the magic words: Please! Thank you! Excuse me! Good morning! Good afternoon! Good evening! )


Symphonia Danielle said...

Thanks for sharing Ms Tania , I am learning to apply these to the way I act also as my laugh is very loud it's very hard to change your laugh lol

amanda said...

Thank you so much for sharing the tips , I admit that i have been struggling to practise some of the things mentioned above , but as from now I will make it a point that I do put them into practise because I want to be a better woman .


BlueStocking said...

Thank you for this Mrs Tania

Elizabeth Rafael said...

Thank you Mrs Tania

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