Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Enchanted World

As you know I love nature and when I go to a botanical garden I want to take pictures of all the flowers.
I look to the side and see a beautiful one, I turn my head and right away see another one more dashing and I'm delighted by them all jejeje

Isn’t that what the world does to you?
You look to one side and friends are calling you, flashy places, colorful parties, crazy life, tempting things that bring pleasure, even though it’s momentary.
So much glow that you get dazzled, so many voices, you don’t know which one to follow or which way to look.

Everything looks like fireworks, so sparkly, so attractive, it’s easy to get carried away, isn’t it.

It is all emotion, temporary, it doesn’t lead anywhere. You have a few moments of pleasure, you do what you shouldn’t, and soon after comes the guilt, anguish, and then that shine fades, everything becomes gray.

How many end up being used, deceived and then despised in the famous world escapades?
How many end up pregnant, catch diseases, are drugged and abused, for not having the strength and courage to just say NO to an invitation?

Friends, don’t allow yourself to be enchanted by the shine that this world presents, don’t get distracted, nor allow yourself to be swayed, think before you say YES to evil.

  I leave you some photos I took of the flowers, one prettier than the other.


Ivett Jimenez said...

Hello Ms. Tania, i understand what your saying. When i had decided to give my life to God, many things were trying to get my attention. I had friends, family, jealousy calling me. I was receiving calls to go out, to go party. The devil is not playing he will put and do anything and anyone to take you away from God.

ms guni,england said...

To choose this path you have to be alone as you will have to say no

Susana Shivute said...

5 years ago i too carried away by the sparkles of this world and just as Mrs mention i got pregnant and the world had the best of me but I thank God cos i received the streghth to come back and now i am more stronger, carefull and serious with God.

Mamazile Gumbi said...

yes it is true emotion plays a big role in our lives and if one does not control it, it can lead to a disaster

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