Monday, 20 October 2014

The important one

When we speak of someone who feels important, the picture that comes to mind is of a woman with her nose up high, head up, and straight posture with firm steps. 
However that is not always the case. Sometimes the important one doesn't present herself with such appearance. Instead her attitude shows how much she considers herself to be important, and how it is necessary to do her will and how everything has to revolve around her. She has to be the main attraction. 

Lets give some examples of such behavior, you might be amazed: 

- She doesn’t accept to be contradicted, everything has to be done as she says 
- She likes to make others wait, but she doesn’t accept to be made to wait  
- If something gets out of her control, she gets really irritated 
- She likes to be the center of attention, everything must revolve around her
- She is the main one, her friends have to obey her without questioning

Now think about obstinate kids, that when they don't get what they want, or their will isn’t done, they throw themselves on the floor crying and kicking, kkk. 
Adults don’t do that, but deeply within them they are so angry that they end up externalizing their feelings in a very inappropriately way. 
After treading this short list, could it be that you have been the “important one”? What have you analyzed and what do you have to say? 

Jesus is simple and He warned us to be careful, but simple at the same time. 

"I send you as sheep among wolves. Be ye therefore wise as serpents, but harmless as doves. "Matthew 10:16


Martha John said...

This message is an eye opener for me, i learnt that it should not always be about me, thanks mrs for sharing this.

Viola Ndlovu said...

In life I must be willing to compromise , I cannot want to have things done my way all the time. I must be flexible and not think that I'm the most important one.

Danielle Jones said...

Thank you for this Ms I will certainly observe this inside of myself and fight against this horrible nature because this is a sign of pride and God resists the proud, I have learnt that one way to always choosing to put ourselves in second place before others. Not striving to be the main one, or the face of everything as you said this also may not manifested on the outside but on the inside in the intentions of our heart.
Thank you and God bless

Karen Tuguinay said...

Thank you for this post, Mrs. Tania. I need to work on myself so as not to be the important one because there is one and only one most important person in the world and that is God. He must be very proud if we make Him the always #1 priority in our daily lives.

Nosimphiwo Dambuza (P.E RSA) said...

Mrs Tania when I was reading this message I came across a behaviour that is similar to mine, I sometimes make people wait but when I have to wait I get so I know the kind of character I have and where I need to change. I learned Mrs Tania, thank you so much.

Magdalena Orata said...

Some of this attitude, I had before but as time goes by I learned to humble myself and learned from my mistakes. I can't be this kind of person "the important one" we can't treat ourselves as this because before God we are nothing.

Stephanie said...

I understand that life is revolved around yourself, you need to be willing to accept others ideas, opinions etc.

Sibongiseni Mahobe said...

Thank you Mrs Tania for sharing. This massage is a real eye and mind opener. I understood that not everything must be about me, because if its like that then i am arrogant , i must not think that i am important or better than anyone. God comes first, i should always allow myself to be second. I must follow the foot steps of God. From now on, i will be checking myself very deeply , to humble, to compromise but mostly to be able to put myself in the shoes of other people. Thank you for sharing.

tanya said...

With this message I will search myself and make a scanning of my life and heart before God. There may be little things that I don't analyze about myself and This message makes me to think very deep.

Ofentse said...

Amen, Amen and Amen. These kind of women are at most so very proud because they are never keen to be corrected. I'd rather not be considered as an important one in this case.

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