Thursday, 2 October 2014

He inspires

In reality, not everyone can inspire others to do something, to fight for something, to change their behavior or their way of thinking; needless to say when we refer to a large crowd.

Inspiring someone is motivating or stimulating a feeling, creativity or a desire, and that's what Nehemiah succeeded to do.

He managed to instil the desire to rebuild the city among the people of Israel. So, he encouraged people, he inspired them to work and not accept to be the ignominy.

With his disposition and determination, he convinced everyone to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem.

Have you been that person who inspires others? Or have you been the one who always has something negative to say, a word of discouragement, a word of criticism?
People need to be inspired or influenced to constructive things that edify, but there’s a need for people to inspire them. God is counting on us to do that work, just as He counted on Nehemiah.

Maybe you don't even inspire others, nor are you influenced by positive  things that will bring you benefits, since you already see things in a negative way. Or you think that you are unable to handle it, it won’t work. All these thoughts put you down and prevent you from taking action and making the difference.

Don't be scared! The people of Israel also had many enemies, but they were willing to do something for themselves and they succeeded. Indeed, they needed a man who would inspire them, for no one among the multitude would take action or would have the courage to take the first step.

And what about you, have you been an inspiration to someone?


Saheeda said...

Everyday we should be inspire others through our lives.So the way we talk,dress,our character,testimony and results should be inspiring to others without us necessarily talking

juliana Faleti said...

This post really makes me think about how much of an inspiration to others I have been. Those who are of God should always want to inspire people as this will lead people to God.

Uche Azubike said...

Since reading this post I've been reading the book of Nehemiah and I have totally been inspired on how I can be more of an inspiration to others. This has made me more careful about the way I work.

Thank you x

Beatha Shipopyeni said...

Most of the time my thoughts are negative and that's why most of the time I look down on myself and I don't even inspire others. Thank you for this post because now I will start taking action in having good thoughts and inspiring others.

Elizabet Rangel said...

Whether we inspire or not, I believe that it's something that could be reflected from within us. For example, if we always have a positive outlook, then we will pass that positivity on. But if we criticize ourselves, don't feel confident, we will unknowingly do the same to those around us. So although we may go through a hardship, we must trust that everything will turn out fine and reflect that confidence in God (:

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