Wednesday, 18 June 2014

The beloved!

He is everywhere, on teddy bears, notebooks, t-shirts, balloons; he can be out of paper, chocolate and even sugar.
Lets be honest, there is no doubt he is cute, it calls attention with its vibrant color and since it is the symbol of love.

You’ve must have guest that I am talking about the “heart”, everything around us screams to follow it, but the strong don’t fall in its traps, and let me tell you they are many.

When the heart guides us, we always get hurt, we take action and then we regret it.

You’ll see how this is true: “we say yes, when we should have said no”; “we accept what harms us, just to obey what it feels”; “or we throw ourselves in the sea of pain because our heart (feelings) get hurt and it seems as if our world came to an end, that there is no remedy.”

Are you going to wake up friend?
Don’t lead yourself by appearances, be intelligent to see when the devil is coming at you dressed as a sheep, when something seems to be good but it is bad.

Never make decisions when in doubt, don’t be fooled, faith is certainty and God is assurance.

*If you are about to get in a relationship or have started one that fills you with uncertainty, doubt, insecurity, it does not come from God.
*If you are about to take an important decision, take it by using an intelligent faith, not your feelings.
*If your heart tells you not to obey the word of God, even if it gives you reasons, don’t do it. Whenever it tells you, “don’t forgive”, “have vengeance”, “that is not so bad”, do what is right and not what it tells you to do.

“I am sending you out like sheep among wolves. Therefore be wise as snakes and harmless as doves.” (Matthew 10:16)

Put this into practice and you will be more than victorious.
Have you ever been a victim of your heart?


Yoyo said...

Yes I was a victim before, I knew that relationship was not from God and I continued with it, my heart was telling me he is going to come right; you cannot afford to be single again but my intelligent faith was telling me something else....God has someone suitable for you, don't be anxious.
I took a wise decision and broke that relationship, though single I'm the happiest woman ever knowing that God is preparing my other half, the one that will be certainly come from Him.

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