Monday, 23 June 2014

He does not give up on you

Perhaps you are going trough many problems or tribulations, guilt over something you did. It even seems as if the world collapsed on your head, of so overwhelmed and trapped that you feel.

The good news I have to give you is that, God does not give up on you.

Your past doesn’t matter, the many times you wronged, the faults that you carry, if you are willing to surrender yourself and start all over, He is with arms wide open waiting for you.

Give the first step. Don’t continue enslaved to the past, the accusations, the complexions or the shame. That weight can be taken off right now, if you want.

Do not think that God will not take you back because of your mistakes, your inconstancy, or your weakness. Know that He cares with everything that happens to you and is willing to help you.

Sometimes I hear people say, “I sinned, God will not accept me”, “I do not deserve anything from God”, “I shamed God and now I feel embarrassed before Him”, “I feel dirty, sinful, and there is no remedy for me”.

Are we going to stop thinking negatively? If you want to, if you are sincere and are willing, come to Jesus. I never saw Him deny a second chance to anyone.

If God did not give up on you, why should you?

Think about it.


Yoyo said...

Dear Mrs Tania

Many times this thought came to my mind...."I deserve nothing from God", until I stopped dwelling on the past and decided to live by faith, believing that God died for my sins, I shouldn't carry that load on my shoulders anymore.

vania Rodrigues said...

Although the man is unfaithful God remains faithful, no matter what you did God is father and He is always be willing to forgive and accept the person who repents.

Diary of a Christian Student said...

Today while reflecting about my life I realised how God has never given up on me. There were moments in life where I found myself hopeless with no support or way to go but He took me and guided me. At times I may think that I'm not capable but today He showed me that He always believed in me though I'm am worthless there is a potential in me that He always sees and if He believes in me who am I to doubt.


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