Thursday, 12 June 2014

4 cautions a servant of God must use:

Hello dear friends! Let’s proceed with another Friday post about the work of God, and I want to clarify that they are not exclusively directed to those doing the work of God on the altar, but to all those who serve God.
We cannot be careful enough with our spiritual life, the devil always walks about seeking whom he may devour. He wants to infiltrate in a sneaky way, to cause problems, to take you away from God. I leave you with four tips to help you watch out.

1-    Deceiving spirit – whoever has this spirit doesn’t undo the works of the devil, but cooperates with them. They cannot tell the truth to people since they have no interest in helping them in their change and transformation. On the contrary, they want them to continue making mistakes, to continue destroyed and slave of evil. These are people who win the souls for themselves, based on friendship. They become the person’s crutch as she never converts because she’s not firm on the Rock, Jesus, but attached to you who make sure to maintain this carnal attitude with the person. We have to give our best for the people, but don’t forget that the best is to lead the person to salvation and not wanting to win the person for yourself.

2-    Vanity – trying to draw other people’s attention to yourself; extreme vanity doesn’t please God and deceives the person, destroying her eventually. So, whatever your position or responsibilities in the work of God, don’t allow it to become a stumbling block to your life and your ministry.

3-    Content – in other words, what is inside of you, servant of God, must have spiritual content and this comes from your communion with God. The person who doesn’t have this, therefore, is carnal.

4-    Inclination – Everyone is inclined to something. What has been your inclination? For spiritual things or carnal things? What draws your attention and brings you pleasure? If the things of God do, I'm sure you're strong; if the things of the world do, take action to change. The inclination of the servant of God is always focused on the salvation of the souls, never on the position in the work of God or personal interests in the work of God.

The devil always wants to make people hostages of evil, but it’s up to each person to decide what they want to follow.


Yoyo said...

Indeed the devil is always looking for someone to devour and we cannot give him that chance in our lives. His mission is to take us far from God presence hence the need to seek God even more so we may be constantly connected with Him.
Thank you Mrs Tania for sharing with us.

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