Wednesday, 23 April 2014

What can you do and not do during christian dating?

Your fear of God sets limits on your dating, it will determine how far you can get or should get. The Bible is very clear about this:“All things are lawful for me, but all things are not helpful. All things are lawful for me, but I will not be brought under the power of any.”1 Corinthians 6:12

If you see that certain attitudes or situations will lead you to sin or can make you fall, then you have to run away from them, to avoid them. When I was dating, the pastor would always teach us that dating couples should be dating with a bible in the middle. But how? Will I walk on the streets with the bible whenever I am with my boyfriend? No, what the pastor meant was that, whenever we were together, we could never forget the Word of God and His teachings in order not to displease Him; the fear of God would be our brake.
But I can also give you some advice to avoid falling into temptation:
- Avoid staying in isolated places, with no one around; I remember I used to date in the living room, my sister and my mother were always around, having a "chaperone" is always good.
- Long kisses are also dangerous, it is better to avoid them.
- Never stay in the dark
- No wandering hands on each other's bodies
- Do not stay glued to each other
- Respect the curfews imposed by your parents
- When you go out, go to public places; do not stay alone in private places.
- If he wants to take you to a friend whose parents are not home, decline that invitation; tell him you rather go to the park, go bowling or something else, but show firmness; do not ask for his opinion.
- Do not sit on his lap
- Do not send him seductive pictures or pictures showing more than needed and that will tease him
- Do not stay in the car stopped in the dark
- Never enter in each other’s room
- Never stay home alone; if you are both alone, you will not be able to control yourselves.

Never forget this: he can be a good Christian but he is still a man, you cannot be too careful.
Do not spoil everything; sex before marriage will bring regret, remorse for disobeying God and even problems with her/his family.

You know when you are in the danger zone, then run away from it, put an end to it.


Anonymous said...

These tips are very good. I have seen people in their 30s meet in the church and cohabit. This seem to work for younger people dating. Some adult beleive the they had sex already what is the point. Do the same rules apply then?

Tania Rubim said...

Yes, the rules are the same for every single people.

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