Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Men’s Mind X Women's Mind

Girls usually create a fairy tale in their minds; they idealize the man of their dreams, handsome, loving, romantic and perfect.
They start dreaming about their wedding day, their honeymoon, their home and even the name of their children.
She may be dating for just a few months, but all these thoughts and projects are already part of her daily live.
So, she starts thinking that he has everything to do with what she wrote on her list about the "man of her dreams", and also that he is her soul mate and everything she ever wanted. In short, she designs her ideal man based on a particular person and she believes that is real.

All the fairytales of princes and princesses she read  during her childhood and even the romantic movies she watches today make her create a fantasy about the perfect man, as if there was such such a thing as a perfect human being.
When she moves deeper into the relationship and she finds out that he's not all she ever dreamed of, then comes the disappointment and the disenchantment.
She spent so much time making plans with this guy and now she discovers that he doesn’t exist.
When it comes down to sex, the same thing happens; women, for being emotional, dream of this day as something very special, unique and they surrender for love. It’s not just something physical, she loves him and believes he feels the same way.

Now, let's see how men's mind works; he is completely visual, he doesn’t need to love or feel something for a woman to have sex with her.
If the woman flirts or shows more than  she should, that will be enough for him to feel attracted to her and desire her.
Let's think girls, if you buy clothes that leave very little to the imagination, you are giving  to men a wrong idea about yourself. Then, when you will meet with him, without saying a word, it's as if you were saying, "Look here how beautiful my body is, I wore this low cut neckline for you to see, do you want it?"
It's hard to hear, but that's the truth; she succeeds to draw the guy's attention with her body since he is visual; now, he gets what he wants just by working on her emotions, "You are so pretty; I've never seen anyone as beautiful as you; you are the woman any man would dream to have.”

One thing leads to another, before you know, he already got what he wanted.
So, whenever you go out with a miniskirt, a blouse showing your belly, shorts or a low neckline, don’t get mad when the guys only want your body.
Even clothes are important while dating and they tell a lot about you; everytime you will meet with your boyfriend, tidy up and look beautiful, but don’t show anything he doesn’t need to see.


ms guni,england said...

Very strong he should love me for me not my body. This makes me recflect on some of my clothing choices in the past. I used to like exposing all on my dates and it never went far. Just being used.
Thank you.

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