Monday, 7 April 2014

I was insecure and felt inferior

Hello my dear Mrs. Tania,

After reading this post, I remembered of the insecurities that I had until about 3 years ago. Well, my situation is very different, my boyfriend, who is currently my husband, always respected me, but the fact that I am his second wife and on top of that I am 10 years younger than him, caused me to have a huge insecurity that was drowning me. I used to be very jealous, and I would tell him that if he would have had children from his first marriage I would have never allowed him to have any approximations to us, because that child would had been a link between him and his ex-wife.  I would feed myself with thoughts that I was a little girl (since I was only 19 years old when I meet him and he was already 29!), that I was immature, that I was at an inferior level compared to his ex-wife, and the thoughts went along that line. The human mind is fertile when we allow ourselves to get carried away by it.

            All of that came to an end because I no longer accepted to continue that way; being dominated and drowned by that feeling of “inferiority” – It was one of my conquest from Godllywood!!! Not at any time (we dated in the presences of God for 7 long years!) did my boyfriend/husband made me feel that way. On the contraire he never made comparisons, his past was buried but in my unconscious it wasn’t! The problem was in me. I limited myself! However today I am free! I never allowed any of those feelings regardless of which it was, enslave me! I have total conscious of who I am, and the value that I have. I am the one that brings true happiness to my husband.

I am the one that loves him unconditionally, that truly respects him. I am the one who seized and seizes each moment to invest more in our union.

We are very happy!!!

Sweet kisses,
With lots of love,


ms guni,england said...

I personally think we should date some one of similar background divorcees, married with children. I would not date someone who has baby mamas and all that drama.

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