Monday, 3 March 2014

Mother, help!

One of the sacrifices that the altar requires is to mature, this has to happen quickly.
When I lived with my parents, I did not have responsibilities of caring for another person or managing home finances or even solving problems, they saw everything and all I had to do was study and depend on them.
With marriage came many responsibilities that were not there before, now I had someone to take care of, my husband, I was responsible that everything went well in my house and take care of the people of the church.
This required me to mature, I could not be that girl that when  in trouble would cry, “Mother, help,” and she would show up to resolve the situation, that’s over, now she was not around, I was a married woman and should act as such, nothing childish.
Just like when we got married it was a radical change in our life, it is normal to be scared, its many things at once, but we need to adapt quickly.
When a person takes too long to mature, God cannot trust her with big things in her hands.
Would you trust responsibility in the hands of a child? Of course not, if he does not even know how to take care of himself, how to trust him with something. The same is true, God sees that you cannot handle the little that you have, how can he give you more?
Want to see a very typical example: many young people dream of getting married, but don’t want to do anything at home, they do not help their mother, will not learn to cook, that is, how can someone like that get married? Sometimes that’s the reason why God hasn’t  blessed her yet, because he sees that she needs to mature and then assume responsibility.
That depends on the performance of each person, you do not need to wait to be older  to mature, although I know several people who already have a certain age and are  immature, it doesn’t have to do much with age but with the disposition of each person.
There are dose that rather be childish, depend on third parties and they pretend that they are not responsible for certain things, after all, it’s easier and comfortable.
This is another challenge, who is willing to take mature attitudes, leave your comment.


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