Tuesday, 18 February 2014

The Choices of Ruth

Four chapters full of lessons, let us see the right choices that Ruth made, a moabite woman who did not belong to the people of God, and what it brought to her life.
Ruth found faith in God through her mother in law Naomi, who had lost her husband, went through hard times and had to make radical choices, but in the end it was a blessed life, a result of their choices.

-        - Ruth always chose what was best for her faith and not for her flesh. She could have chosen to return to her "comfort zone" to be with her family where she would not work or face obstacles. But she chose to go beside the woman of God to not run the risk of foundering in faith; she had no more connection with the past.
You should always choose what is best for your faith, for your spiritual life, even though it is not pleasing you, this in relation to friendships, dating, day to day actions, behavior with family, work, etc…

-        - Ruth obeyed what Naomi would tell her, she obeyed her mother in law's advice and was successful. It is important to listen to what your pastor teaches you and put it into practice, for all the guidance is for your own good and spiritual success, but it is up to you to obey, to listen, you must be spiritual to learn to keep the faith and not give an opening to the devil. This is also discipline.

-        - Ruth was not afraid of the "unknown", the work, sacrifices, she trusted in God. She was a widow and foreign, but that did not frighten her, she was now part of the family of faith.

-        - We see that in the beginning Orpah said she would go with her mother in law (emotion), but soon decided to return to her parents' house; surely she abandoned the faith and returned to her gods. She spoke on emotion, to please, but it was not what she really wanted. You may want to please us and appear to be spiritual, but if you do not make the right decisions you will not be blessed. Ruth was sure that she would not leave her mother in law nor her God, her faith was above everything else; welfare, family, her own desire, (intelligent faith). Many have been emotional, at the moment showing enthusiasm to change, do the tasks, but then get discouraged, look back, they have no determination to act and therefore do not advance.

Think about it friends and be a blessing.


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