Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Let the chase begin!

The problem is that women want to “chase" men nowadays.Take it easy girls, don't look so desperate, he has to conquer you. If you chase him too much, it will look as if you are giving yourself to him.So, they decide to chase the boys, call them, chase them in school and even in church, grab them, and all this goes against guys’ nature. They accept all this of course, more likely to boost their ego, but in fact they will never have a serious interest in girls who act that way.There’s no victory, mistery, challenge.

And it becomes something boring and uninteresting to him. Do you want a serious relationship? Then, be serious, discreet, somewhat mysterious, don't exceed the limits of common sense, don't try to copy your friends who act like that and grab the boys' "attention"; this won't last long.
Then, don't be surprised when you hear the guy say “she’s stalking me, and I can’t take it anymore”.This kind of behavior doesn't fit a christian girl who values herself and keeps her faith.So girls, calm down, let them conquer you, chase you, fight for you; they will love  doing that, that’s their nature.When a guy wants something, he fights for it. Let him take control.Do you agree with me? 


MIx Jon said...

If your man is pushing you away and acting distant

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Then it’s time to pull out all the stops.

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Thanks again.


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